Friday, June 15, 2018

Five on Friday - June 15, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a great week! 


This past weekend, I saw that ColourPop put their My Little Pony eyeshadow palette on final clearance and said it wouldn't be restocked. So, I ruuuushed to get swatches and a review up over the weekend and went to write the post on Tuesday night and boom, the palette was sold out! 

So, it seemed a little pointless to do a full dedicated post on this palette; but, if you are interested in this palette don't be discouraged - it was one of the palettes sent out in a recent Boxycharm and I have seen it for a really great price in a few makeup/subscription box swap sites! (If you aren't part of these, there are lots that are city wide and country wide and my experiences have all been good - this is exactly where I picked this palette up for on $10 brand new!) 

I thought since it was still available quite readily available on swap sites still, that I would still share a quick makeup look and swatches of the palette (plus, I only get to do fun makeup looks once a week so I'm sharing it - I worked hard!)

I'm really impressed with the Colourpop pressed powder eyeshadow formulas - they swatch well, blend well and always make a great eye look! I looooove the shade selection in this palette - I love the pinky, orangey, purple vibes with a few neutrals and a pop of teal. Stunning shadows! 

I used the oranges and pinks from the palette and I love how these shadows applied and blended - and I like how this look turned out! 

Also, my lips are ColourPop Bad Habit with Fenty Gloss bomb overtop! Again, if you are interested look in to a local makeup swap group and I'm sure you will find this palette on there - or join the Boxycharm Canada swap group on Facebook because there is lots there! 


Have you ever waited a ridiculously long time for something in the mail that you never thought would actually arrive?! I ordered this set of nail art brushes and dotting tools on Amazon on January 2 and got a refund in March - it shipped from England and wasn't supposed to take very long. I hadn't ordered a new set because I was grumpy about it and surprise - this week these finally showed up! Only 5 months late... no big deal... 


Ahhh - who doesn't love lilac time?! These are my favorite - I have a little cute dwarf lavender tree and I love when it blooms! It's actually one of the only things in my garden that's doing well this year. Anyone else in Calgary encountering the effects of the longest Winter ever and then no Spring in their garden too? I find nothing is doing well! 


How have I not talked about this season of the Bachelorette yet?! I actually really like Becca this season - I think so far she is doing really well as the Bachelorette - she seems to call people on their bullshit and send people home asap if she isn't feeling it... I like it! What do you think?


Ahh... and after work today we are headed off to Fairmont, B.C. to my in-laws cabin - so gorgeous right on the river! And we will be there with our friends and their little one who is Elliott's bestie so it should be a really fun weekend!

So, it will be quiet on the blog front; but, I hope you guys all have a great weekend! 

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