Tuesday, January 2, 2018

December 2017 - What I Bought This Month!

It's time for my monthly haul - I have really enjoyed seeing what I buy every month! I like that I get to share everything I have purchased (because really some of it would get lost in my beauty collection if I didn't!) Also these posts helps to keep me on track - I am planning on trying to only spend around $100 per month on beauty since I am be on a smaller budget with a new baby! 

I will only include products I have spent money on - gifts, pr samples, and freebies are usually shared on posts like my Five on Friday posts! 

Here is what I bought in December: 

Sephora Order #1 ~ $44.10. Ahhh the best part of this order was supposed to be $67; but, this was using my $25 off coupon from Sephora for the year! So, I picked up this Tarte Flirt palette (go figure, I picked up another mini palette) because I'm so excited to try this - I think I will comparing this to the Colourpop palette that is very similar! Also, I picked up some of the Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray because I'm still trying to find the perfect hair product and this is regular $37 so I'm to try it with the coupon! My 3 freebies are from Philosophy, Boscia, and YSL! 

Lush Haul ~ $34.45. Mmmm... Lush Hauls are my favorite. I was very excited about the Christmas collection from Lush that I had to set myself a limit on what I could get and try (otherwise I could have picked up everything!!!) But, I forgot to add my cute little snowman bubbleroon in here! For my review on everything - I featured everything on a Skincare Sunday post you can see here! Also, all those samples are from knowing the Lush staff - woo hoo! 

Sephora #2 ~ $17.85. Yes, you saw that right only $17! I had to pick up this Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick set because it went on sale from $26 to $17! And then I used an add on code for some type of Holiday set that includes a smashbox lipstick, a fresh mask, an origins night cream, an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow products + a few fragrances. Then I only got 2 freebies - Boscia and Origins. (I spent enough in this order to make Rouge again, but never got my present!)

Drugstore Dry Shampoo ~ $2.60. I'm currently using another dry shampoo that is so bad, that I had to pick up a different to try! I have loved another Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo before from their Naked line (made my June 2016 Favs!) so I just got this picked up in my online grocery order and I think an Orange and Mint smell is a little weird but we'll see! The price of these is so good! 

Nail Polish Remover ~ $4.20. Okay, another Superstore grocery shop add on (have I ever mentioned how much I looooove online grocery shopping and just picking it up - I never grocery shop - nope!) But, I'm so sad - I loved the old Joe Fresh polish remover bottle because it just had a small hole for the product to come out of, not a huge opening where it pours out of. But, they just changed that, ugh.

So, for December I spent  $103.20 - what?! I stayed on budget! Okay, sooo this isn't including my 1 boxing day purchase because it doesn't ship until January so we won't speak of it! 


  1. I am with you on not doing the grocery shop though sometimes it's just unavoidable, but at this point I have Amazon delivering chips, paper towels, toilet paper and cat food right to my door. It doesn't get better than that!

    I loved the Lush Christmas collection as well and picked a few of the same things you did as well!

    1. Oooh... I need to use Amazon more for that stuff! :) And, yes to everything Lush does for the Holidays!