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Skincare Sunday - Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Acne Skin Kit Review

Did you guys know that June is Acne Awareness Month? I did not until recently and I think it's important to talk about all areas of skincare. Talking about acne may not be very glamorous, but if you suffer from acne then you know it's important to talk about! 

About 8 out of 10 people will suffer from acne, and I have been pretty vocal that I am certainly one of them! I am plagued by hormonal acne, that was made much worse by my recent pregnancy and post-pregnancy. I have been trying for a year to control my breakouts. While my skin has been improving lately, I know I will have to maintain a preventative skincare routine to maintain clearer skin. 

Skincare Sunday - Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Acne Skin Kit Review

Thursday Plantation offers a line of health and beauty products that believes in the power of pure plant oils to restore your skin. Their products are natural, cruelty free and synthetic paraben free. 

They have a whole line of acne care products all based in the antibacterial power of tea tree oil - this includes a 3 step skincare routine, as well as a few products to complete your routine.

Thursday Plantation's 3 Step Skincare Routine includes:
Skincare Sunday - Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Acne Skin Kit Review

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wash Foam ~ $14.99. The naturally derived cleanser captures the antibacterial power of Tea Tree Oil to gently remove sebum excess, dirt and makeup without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It leaves the skin looking clearer, fresher and healthier. The foaming, soap free face wash is ideal for combination/oily skin and helps to cleanse acne prone skin.

This is Step 1 - most tea tree based products can be drying on the skin and this is something to keep in mind if you have dry or sensitive skin. My skin can be dry so I do need to be careful when using tea tree products. 

I love foam cleansers and they are always my second cleanser at night after an oil cleanser. This is great - I did think that it wasn't as drying as some other tea tree cleansers I have tried. If I am having an acne breakout, I will use this daily, and when my skin is clear I will use it around 3 times a week for prevention. 

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner ~ $12.99. Thursday Plantation Step 2 Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Toner captures the antibacterial power of tea tree oil and the toning benefits of witch hazel to purify the skin and tighten pores without over drying.

This is Step 2 - I treat this toner very similarly to the foaming cleanser - daily if I am experiencing a breakout and around 3 times a week if my skin is clear to aid in prevention. It clears skin and tightens pores while improving the skin's appearance. I don't find this overly drying on my skin, which is great! 

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Cream ~ $15.99. Thursday Plantation Step 3 Tea Tree Face Cream with Rosehip is a light weight face cream that combines the antibacterial power of tea tree oil with natural, skin loving ingredients to moisturize and maintain clear skin, naturally.

Step 3 is a Moisturizer - this is recommended for all skin types and it is not drying at all. It is actually a thicker type formula so I have been mixing it with a lighter moisturizer for day use. If my skin is particularly bad I will use a really thick layer for a night cream. 

While I haven't been using these products for too long, overall I have noticed an improvement in my skin. They do all have the scent of tea tree, but I find that they are not too strong. 

Skincare Sunday - Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Acne Skin Kit Review

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel For Acne ~ $11.99. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated Gel for Acne is an invisible treatment get that penetrates into the skin to help dry out acne and pimples.

This is recommended for all types of acne - whiteheads, blackheads, etc. I love a good spot treatment and this one does work well. I actually really like it for use on my nose too to target those pesky blackheads. This is a good spot treatment, but it is strong smelling! 

Thursday Plantation 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil ~ $7.99 for 10 ml. A 100% pure, naturally sourced broad spectrum antiseptic.

I have loved tea tree oil as a spot treatment for acne - it can be drying so it should be used sparingly! In addition to an acne spot treatment, you can use tea tree oil to treat cuts, bites, stings, etc. 

These have both been great spot treatments - a little goes a long way with both products, so these will last for a long time! I am happy with both of these products! These products, in addition to the 3 step acne routine are available at, walmart, loblaws, superstore, rexall, natural health food stores, etc.)

Skincare Sunday - Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Acne Skin Kit Review

While these are not specifically Thursday Plantation products or acne care, they are products recommended to be used as part of an acne prevention and treatment routine. 

The sponge is a konjac sponge and is great for cleansing the skin. I have reviewed a different brand of konjac sponge that you can see here! Once the sponge is saturated with water, it is a very gentle exfoliant for the face! It can be used with or without a cleanser on it! These are great! 

This an eco-friendly muslin cotton reusable sheet mask! I am so excited to try this out! There is also a recipe for a tea tree oil mask that I am going to test out as well - it calls for distilled water, raw honey and tea tree oil! 

I followed the recipe and the let the mask soak for a few minuted in the mask solution. Then I applied the sheet mask to my face.

Skincare Sunday - Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Acne Skin Kit Review

Despite the fact that the mask itself is really big (next time I will cut it down first to fit properly!), the mask solution was good! I used this just as I would any other sheet mask. It lasted for about 10 minutes on my face, and once it was removed it was quite sticky for about an hour after wearing it - I just finished my regular skincare routine after. My skin did look and feel really good the next morning! I loved this little added step! 

*PR products included - all opinions are my own

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