Friday, June 2, 2017

Five on Friday - June 2, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - mine has been very busy! I have had something on the go everyday - doctors appointments, lunches, shopping, meetup with my baby group class, etc. Even though it was busy, it was really great! 


This was the last week with my Skoah $35 facial offer, so I actually treated myself to a little Fitskin facial and a couple of little goodies too! I love that Skoah makes a fun little note and the lip love was a treat from Skoah! 

If you aren't familiar with Skoah facials, I did a whole post breaking down my last Fitskin Facial experience here! I detail all the steps and everything you need to know! My experience at the Calgary Westhills Skoah this week was just as great - they staff were amazing, and they do change the products they use based on your skin type and let you know about everything they are doing! I was really happy with the results! 


Last weekend, my friends from work threw Elliott the cutest Harry Potter themed baby shower! It was so cute - the decor and food were spot on (and the best part was the friend who hosted hasn't even read the series and she did a kick ass job! Hopefully the decorating encouraged her to read the series! It was so cute! 

I had to go back to work yesterday! Just kidding, I went to a work ceremony yesterday because before I went on maternity leave I received a Merit Award for Individual Accomplishment from my work! In general the field I work in can be a pretty thankless job so it always feels good to be recognized for the extra work I do (it was for running the social committee, creating programs, community involvement, etc!) Anyways, it was a nice ceremony! 


Did you catch the ending of The Amazing Race last night? Hopefully - or I just ruined the ending for you! I can't believe Brooke and Scott won!!! She was hard to watch this season - I ended feeling really bad for her partner the whole time, but at least he got some money at the end of it all! 


Ever since I saw Unicorn Macarons pop up on Instagram, I have NEEDED to get my hands on these, but there was no when in Calgary to get them for the longest time! Thanks to Filigree Pastries I just got some (he is the same one who made the adorable panda macarons a while back!) Also they are a salted caramel flavor and were delicious! 

I hope you all had a great weekend - we are going for baby and family pictures this weekend! Will of course give you some sneak peeks - make sure to follow me on Instagram! 

This is a link up with Smidge of of This (previously a.lizadventures), Carolina Charm and Hello! Happiness where we can all share 5 things on our mind this week!