Thursday, May 18, 2017

Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge (Finish) - Review and Demonstration

Can you believe that up until now I haven't tried a Real Techniques sponge?! I know they are a much more affordable alternative to the traditional Beauty Blender, but I tend to stick to products I know! Real Techniques has been on my list of to-try products forever, and I finally have one to review!! 

Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge (Finish) - Review and Demonstration

Real Techniques is a UK brand that focuses on the perfect makeup tools - brushes and sponges. What I love about the brand is that they use a color coding system that corresponds to the steps of makeup application:
  • Orange - create a flawless base
  • Purple - create enhanced eyes 
  • Pink - create the perfect finish 

Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge (Finish) - Review and Demonstration
Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge (Finish) ~ $10.49. Dewy Highlight + Contour. Designed to help create shadows or highlight your favorite facial features. Use damp for a dewy glow or dry for a full coverage finish. Ideal for powders, creams, and liquids.

This sponge features:
  • small side for precision highlighting
  • large side for controlled contouring
  • 6 Surfaces to complete your sculpt
This sponge is really soft and squishy - I'm not a fan of the sponges that are really hard and don't absorb water well. This one has a perfect texture and absorbed water well. This has a good texture to use dry as well. 

Real Techniques Miracle Sculpting Sponge (Finish) - Review and Demonstration

I love how many different sides there are to this sponge - there is a few different bigger sides, and smaller sides! 

This can be used wet or dry - wet creates a dewy look and dry creates a full coverage look. 

I usually use my sponge damp as I like the medium coverage, dewy look that most of them offer - this is how I used this sponge! Here how the Miracle Sculpting Sponge looks used all over with my foundation:

I like the finish that this sponge offered - there was enough coverage to even out my skin tone and cover my blemishes, but not too thick that it looked cakey on my skin. 

I also used this damp with concealer to see how the precision edges work:

The small edges were easy to use and really blended well near my eyes! Again, this provided the right amount of coverage that I was looking for! 

I love how many different sides this offers - I used most of them for my full face application. The larger sides smooth and coverage the large parts of the face (cheeks, forehead, etc) and the small, precision sides worked well in small places (around eyes, nose, etc). 

I don't usually use sponges for highlighting and contouring - I use them for foundation and concealer. For what I use this for, it worked awesome! It has actually totally replaced my Beauty Blender as my go-to face sponge! 

*PR samples featured - all opinions are my own


  1. I just got my first real techniques sponges and brushes. I'm testing out the pur one right now that came in boxycharm (not a fan so far).. but I can't wait to try the RT ones!

  2. I love the orange RT sponge. It works really well for me. I haven't gone back to the real Beauty Blender since trying it!

  3. Love the finish on your skin-really nice & just right amount of coverage :) I need to try this one

  4. I just recently tried this sponge and I love it! It makes my makeup look much more natural.