Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 2016 Monthly Favourites!

I love rounding up my top 5 Favorites of the month - I always try and get a good mix of new products (to me) and older products that I may have stopped using for a while! 

Here are my top 5 goodies for May!  
nyx banana powder oil cleanser the balm meet matte hughes trust fund beauty nail polish origins high potency night-a-mins

NYX HD Finishing Powder in "Banana" ~ $9.99 US. A lightweight, translucent finishing powder that helps soften the appearance of fine lines and pores. NYX Cosmetics HD Finishing Powder is a silky pressed powder with a fresh, matte finish.

I have heard really great reviews about the NYX banana powder as an under-eye setting powder. This is amazing as an under-eye setting powder and adds serious brightness to my face! This has beaten out all other setting powders! Of course, can be used on the rest of the face and I have done that, I just don't always set my whole face. 

I picked this up on my US shopping haul and I have only seen it at Ulta, not anywhere in Canada - can anyone correct me and let me know if you have seen this in Canada? 

Bath Time Box Sparkling Faces Oil Cleanser ~ $7.50. I'm sure you have all heard the rave reviews and run down on the benefits of oil cleansing - we can certainly attest to them! Our cleanser takes the benefits of coconut and olive oil and combines them with kaolin clay to provide a wonderful, gentle exfoliating experience. The addition of lavender and lemon essential oils helps to calm and sooth your skin. Rub it in for two to three minutes, and then remove with a warm cloth.

This is a good example of an older product that I loved when I received it, but then put it to the side for a while because I had quite a few oil cleansers to get through. I use the double cleansing method every evening (oil cleanser followed by a foaming cleanser) and this particular oil cleanser has been so amazing on my skin this month! Seriously, my skin has not been the best the past couple of months and this has really helped calm any blemishes and makes my skin feel great! 

To use, I just scoop a little out as it is fairly solid and rub between my hands (it instantly becomes an oil) and rub it all over the face well! 

theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick in "Committed" ~ sample size 1.2ml for $2.76 (full size is 7.4ml for $17). theBalm introduces a truly loyal long-lasting liquid lipstick—Meet Matt(e) Hughes. This long-wearing formula has a comfortable matte finish with no commitment issues. This matte vanilla mint liquid lipstick is stuck on you without feeling clingy!

I received this in a past Ipsy bag and absolutely love both this shade and this formula! Committed is described as a pinky nude and it is my perfect go-to lip colour - you can wear this everywhere! Also, the formula is great - it is matte but is not overly drying on the lips and lasts a long time (also the scent is amazing!!!) I will be repurchasing this colour and maybe trying some new ones soon! 

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in "Elegantly Wasted" ~ $15.00. A dark lilac. If you enjoy yourself, it’s not really a waste - it’s your prerogative.

If you didn't notice, I pretty much wore this polish for 2 weeks of the month straight - it is beautiful! The formula for this is so great - it pretty much covers well with 1 coat, but looks amazing with 2 coats! Plus, these polishes have the best names!

Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins™ Mineral-Enriched Renewal Cream ~ full size $53.00 (this is a deluxe sample size shown). Put dullness to rest and wake up radiant and refreshed. Best for combination and dry skin types, moisture rich replenishers rehydrate and revive, while relaxing aromas of neroli, valerian, and vanilla help lull you to sleep. Skin gets its nighttime dose of vitamins, minerals, and hydration—revealing a younger-looking complexion by morning. 

This is such a great night cream - it is nice and thick and soo moisturizing! Plus, the smell is amazing! This has been my go-to night cream for the past few weeks.

What have you been loving in May?

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