Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Huge ColourPop Haul! (with swatches)

Uh oh, I may have went a little crazy on the ColourPop ordering here recently - this is actually a combination of 2 orders! The first order, they had a 20% sale, so of course I had to scoop some goodies up, and then for their 2nd Birthday, they released a special edition shadow for the occasion, so I had to put in a second order! Whoops! 

Here is a look at the goodies I grabbed:
colourpop shopping haul

I will break it down by products and show you some natural light product swatches! 

First thing, I grabbed a couple liquid lipsticks:
colourpop ultra matte ultra satin liquid lipsticks

I grabbed 2 Ultra Matte Lips and 1 Ultra Satin Lip! Here is a look:
colourpop ultra matte ultra satin liquid lipsticks lumiere 2 kapow molly

Lumiere 2 Ultra Matte Lip ~ $6.00. Meet Lumière's new sister!

I love this colour - it is probably a go-to colour of mine, so I will be wearing this a lot! 

Kapow Ultra Matte Lip ~ $6.00. Zach won’t be the only guy waiting at your locker in this muted grey taupe.

This doesn't really look like a muted grey on me, it is more of a dark brownish on me - it is likely not my colour. I will try and see if I can pull it off. 

Molly Ultra Satin Lip ~ $6.00. You'll be hugging all your friends in this mid- tone plum lilac.

This is a very different colour than what I normally go for - it is so perfect for Spring and Summer! 

Remember, the Ultra Mattes can be a little drying, so I would start with a lip scrub and use a lip primer if you have one! I don't mind the formula as once it is on, it really doesn't budge at all and lasts a long time! The Ultra Satin is a much lighter-weight formula but doesn't dry as well on the lips, so it might wear off faster. 

I also grabbed some Lippie Stix (and a matching liner):
colourpop lippie stix button lumiere cami

The lippie stix come in a variety of finishes from matte, sheer, satin, creme, etc. Here is a look at the swatches:
colourpop lippie stix button lumiere cami

Button Lippie Stix ~ $5.00. Pale creamy peach nude in a satin finish. Ain’t it just cute as a button?

Button is a "Satin finish" lippie stix - I was expecting this to be a little more nude on me, but I like this colour and I love the finish of the lippie stix! They go on very soft and smooth and add a nice colour with a full coverage finish - perfect for an easy spring day! 

Lumiere Lippie Stix ~ $5.00. A dusty mauve pink in a matte finish created by the lovely @KathleenLights - "I wanted a color that both bold and shy people could wear. It's not a nude..it would look great on EVERYONE​!"

Lumiere is a "Matte finish" lippie stix and I know these all appear really similar - what can I say, I like a dusty mauve?! But they do have different finishes and I love this color!!! 

Cami Lippie Stix ~ $5.00. No need to cover up in this neutral mauve pink in a Matte X finish.

Cami is from a newer line of lippie stix called Matte X - it appears to be more pigmented and longer wearing than the Matte finish. Again a similar colour, but one I love! 

Lumiere Lippie Pencil ~ $5.00. A dusty mauve pink created by the lovely @KathleenLights - "I wanted a color that both bold and shy people could wear. It's not a nude..it would look great on EVERYONE​!"

To go with all my similar mauve-y shades I ordered, I figured I needed a lip pencil to match! 

I will say I love the textures of the Lippie Stix - they go on so smooth and dry well, but don't dry out the lips and have a lovely finish! The lippie pencil goes on very smooth as well! 

I also grabbed some eyeshadows:
colourpop supershock eyeshadows

Whoops, did I happen to buy very similar colours again?! Can you tell that I know what I like! ColourPop hasa very unique formula of eyeshadows and it is somewhere between a full creme shadow and a powder! (You either love it or you don't, but I like it and I don't normally like creme shadows!)

The Super Shock shadows come in a variety of finishes as well - matte, metallic, satin, etc. 

Here is a closer look at the colours I bought:
colourpop supershock eyeshadows sunset blvd weenie wattles tea party cop a feel

Sunset Blvd ~ $5.00. Warm golden bronze in a Pearlized Finish.

This shadow is from the KaePop collection - is a beautiful shade - I love gold and bronze tone shadows! 

Weenie ~ $5.00. A pinky rose gold in a Pearlized finish.

This shadow is from the KathleenLights Where The Night Is collection and seriously, this colour is gorgeous!!! Probably one of my favorite eyeshadow shades ever! 

Wattles ~ $5.00. Waddle on over and check out this dusty beige pink in a Satin finish.

This is a great medium toned pink - I feel like I will use this a lot! 

Tea Party ~ $5.00. A versatile soft peachy pink with gazillion silver glitters and subtle hints of pale pink glitter. Highlight anything and everything with it! This shade is made for you if: you love pink champagne, sparkles, and tea parties (duh).

This colour is sooo pretty! I love pink, champagne and sparkles so obviously it was made for me! I will have to play around with it to see how well it will work as a shadow!

Cop A Feel ~ $5.00. Don't be afraid to get a little grabby with this cool toned creamy beige with a Matte Finish.

Oooh... this is such a great light matte shade, I will be using this a lot! 

colourpop super shock eye shadow birthday boy

Here is a look at the swatch:
colourpop super shock eye shadow birthday boy

Birthday Boy ~ free gift with purchase on their birthday, not available for purchase! 

I'm a sucker for limited edition products - I NEED THEM ALL! This colour is really stunning and I can't wait to wear it! 

So I will say, when ColourPop sends you instructions or tips on how to use their shadows, follow them! They advise that for the most intense look to use your fingers - I know this isn't how most people prefer to apply their eyeshadow but for this formula it works. Again, this eyeshadow formula is not for everyone, but I love it! 

I also grabbed some eyeliners:
colourpop creme gel liner

I tried 1 potted Creme Gel Colour and 2 Creme Gel Liners! Here are the swatches:

Exit Creme Gel Colour ~ $6.00. Don’t head for the door without this true bright white.

I have actually really just started using potted gel liners, but this one is really highly reviewed and is super pigmented. So I don't like doing swatches with brushes, but I probably should have for this! 

Cry Baby Gel Liner ~ $5.00. A cool-toned pastel lavender that won’t make you cry.

This is a very pretty light liner colour - it is not something I wear very often, but is such a fun colour!

Prance Gel Liner ~ $5.00. Jump for joy in this bright periwinkle blue.

Oh hello colour of the year light blue eyeliner! I also like this little pop of colour for a fun look!

All of the liners have great pigmentation and go on nice and smooth! I'm happy with both formulas! 

Because I'm not done yet, I also grabbed 2 highlighters and a blush! 
colorpop blush highlighters butterfly beach spoon between the sheets

I haven't tried either products, but they have a similar creamy consistency like the eyeshadows! I llike the formulas, but will have to practice using them on myself as I haven't used a lot of cream blush before! 

Here is how they apply:
colorpop blush highlighter butterfly beach spoon between the sheets

Spoon ~ $8.00. A light silver champagne with multi-dimensional silver flecks, that is sure to get you forked.

This is such a beautiful highlight shade! I'm loving how reflective and light it is! I think it works well with my skintone too.

Butterfly Beach ~ $8.00. Soft peach with highlights of gold and silver, a shout-out to our favorite So Cal Beach.

This colour is really beautiful - nice and peachy, but I actually think it is too dark for my skintone for a highlighter! I will keep it either was and see how it works as an eyeshadow! 

Between The Sheets ~ $8.00. A mid-tone beige pink in a matte finish, be a lady in the streets or a freak in the sheets.

This is a pretty shade, but it is much more pink than I think the description suggests! Either way, I really like it. 

Again, because these products have a different formula I would suggest to use the recommendation brushes for application to help make it applying the products easier! 

And, I picked up 2 more products that were new to me! 
colourpop brow pencil sculpting stix

I thought I would try their Brow Pencil and Sculpting Stix! Here is a look at the swatches:
colourpop brow pencil sculpting stix banging brunette releve

Bangin Brunette Brow Pencil ~ $5.00. Do it better in this true brunette brown.

I hope you can see it in the first picture, this brow pencil has a super small tip making it really great for precision. The pigmentation is great for a pencil and really allows buildable coverage! This product also comes in a potted gel that I will have to try eventually!

Releve Sculpting Stix ~ $5.00. Creamy white with soft golden highlights.

This swatch shows the colour and then to the right you should be able to lightly see it blended in to my skin. I haven't really used a highlight scultping stick before, but thought for $5 I should try it. You are supposed to apply to areas you want to draw forward - bridge of the nose, cupid's bow, etc and then blend out! I like this colour so I will try this and see if it is right for me! 

Alright, I bought a little more than I intended, but there was quite a few products I wanted to try and ColourPop pricing is so affordable! 


  1. Amazing post, you got so many pretties!! I feel like I need to put an order in asap now, you make me want to buy things! Haha. Bad!

    1. Ah yes they have some really great stuff and so affordable! It's hard to resist - I may have went a little overboard!

  2. Great haul! I'm not a huge fan of the blushes only because I find that they are so pigmented and the texture makes it difficult to blend them out to look natural (or perhaps it's just the color I have) but I want to give them another try just for that color you have! So pretty!

    1. Ya I haven't tried their blushes before so I will see if I like the formula or not!

  3. Good haul! I see some things in here I will have to try!