Sunday, May 15, 2016

Skincare Sunday - Canus Caprina Skincare Product Reviews

Happy Skincare Sunday everyone - I love when I find Canadian skincare companies, especially when they emphasize using quality ingredients! 

Canus, now Caprina, is a company started in Quebec with the mission of delivering affordable skincare products all staring fresh Goat's Milk as the base ingredient. Caprina sources all their goat's milk from Canadian farms and emphasizes that they use fresh milk in the products to deliver all the benefits of goat's milk. Goat's Milk is known for it's moisturizing qualities and is rich in vitamins and minerals to really help deliver moisture in to the skin. 

Caprina's products are all biodegradable, paraben free, and not tested on animals. I love their motto and that they continue to remain a small company and focus on quality products! 

Canus Caprina Skincare Product Reviews

Caprina started out with just goat's milk soap and over the years has expanded to a full link of bath and body products! 

Canus Caprina Skincare Product Reviews  body wash orchid oil

Caprina Body Wash Orchid Oil ~ $6.99. Caprina body wash contains fresh goat’s milk, a natural and highly effective skin moisturizer. 

Orchid Oil is a light, silky plant oil that helps increase immunity and adds extra moisturizing properties to goat’s milk. It leaves the skin clean, soft and supple. You’ll love its naturally exotic fragrance! 

Caprina body wash does not compromise your own skin’s natural protective barrier, and will never dry your skin.

First off I have to say, the Orchid Oil scent is amazing - my favorite scent of the Caprina products! I was very impressed with this body wash.  This body wash was incredibly moisturizing and made my skin super soft! I enjoyed it on it's own, but it worked the best in combination with the soap and the lotion! 

Canus Caprina Skincare Product Reviews  fresh goat's milk soap

Caprina Fresh Goat's Milk Soap Original Formula ~ $2.49. Caprina soap contains fresh goat’s milk, a natural and highly effective skin moisturizer.

Original is our signature Caprina formula. The first of all our formulas, it continues to be a favorite amongst our customers. All the beneficial properties of fresh goat’s milk are combined with subtle essentials oils derived from natural ingredients.

You’ll love the clean fragrance!

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know I pretty much exclusively use handmade soap. But, I have used goat's milk soap before I know how amazing it is for your skin, so I switched it up and tried this soap - I was happy with the results. This soap was not drying on my skin at all and it worked well. I have to say, the original formula is not my favorite scent from the line, it is a little too strong for my liking, but I would happily buy this in other scents! 

Canus Caprina Skincare Product Reviews body lotion shea butter

Caprina Body Lotion Shea Butter ~ $3.99. Caprina body lotion contains fresh goat’s milk, a natural and highly effective skin moisturizer.

Shea Butter is a plant lipid which is recognized for its excellent emollient properties. Plant lipids such as Shea Butter can be very helpful in hydrating and maintaining skin elasticity.

You will love the calming fragrance!

Caprina body lotion is non-greasy, absorbs quickly and helps restore your skin’s own moisture levels for 24 hours.

This is a really great lotion formula - I was very impressed! It is nice and thick, but still feels light and fluffy as you apply it to the skin. It absorbs very well and seriously delivers the moisture! My skin felt soft and moisturized all day and a little goes a long way. I have to say, I will go get this in a few scents! 

Overall, I was very happy with the Caprina line - all 3 products were great alone, but were really great when used altogether! I am impressed with what Canus stands for and am very impressed with their motto and the fact that they focus on quality, affordable products! 

*PR samples included - all opinions are my own


  1. I might pick this up for my sisters who have sensitive skin! This would make such a cute gift :)