Friday, May 20, 2016

Five on Friday - May 20, 2016

You guys, I have to apologize - I missed posting a Wine and Mask Wednesday again this week (I was at a work event and did not get home in time!) I will be much better next week!!! 

It is a long weekend here this weekend - I am looking forward to an extra day off of work! Do you guys have any long weekend plans? My BIG long weekend plans are a huge, major, super big clean of my house - we are talking top to bottom huge clean and organization! I am hoping to purge and organize a ton of my stuff!

How has your yearly reading been going? I managed to get another 3 books read this week and am almost done a 4th! yay! If you haven't checked out my Reading Challenge page, you should go see what I have been loving so far! 


Are you guys excited for the new Becca x Jaclyn Hill collaboration?! Everything is supposed to be released on Sephora's website on May 26, but I have Jaclyn on Snapchat and the night of her celebration party they launched a limited amount of the Champagne Collection Face Palettes - you bet I grabbed one right away!!! (I have to say that I was impressed, Sephora is notorious for not having products available to Canadians and we were able to get the early releases! This makes me hopeful that the release on the 26th will go well!) Also, how gorgeous is this eyeshadow palette?! It is on my wish list but I think I will hold out to see reviews!


Mmmm... I just made the delicious Overnight Eggs Benedict Casserole! Just put everything together the night before and let the eggs soak in and bake in the morning! Yum - I will make this again! 

If you wan to see more awesome goodies I pin, you can follow me on Pinterest here! 


This week 2 of my favorite shows came to an end - The Amazing Race and Survivor. I have to say, I was actually a little disappointed with the outcome of both shows! There was a couple other teams on the Amazing Race that I was really rooting for (sorry Matt and Dana), and I honestly thought that Aubry played Survivor so well that no one else deserved to win (sorry Michele)!


I just wanted to remind you guys that my blogiversary giveaway is still going! Head over to the giveaway post to enter for your chance to win a beautiful (and pretty much sold out) limited edition Too Face Sweet Peach palette!) If you need a reminder of why this palette is so amazing, you can check out my full review post here! Good luck! 

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!


  1. I'm super envious that you got your hands on the Jaclyn Hill palette! Fingers crossed I'll be able to snag one when they are released on the 26th!

  2. I wanna try the Jaclyn Hill palettes! Idk how much I like her as a youtuber, but Becca never disappoints!

    1. Ya I think regardless of how you feel about her, Becca is on fire and the shades are great!

  3. Becca is such an awesome brand, i need to get a coupon from sephora so i can get my hands on their beach tints! And i might try to grab this palette too ;)

  4. That food is delish :) more pictures of food! Also I need me some swatches of those palettes! Becca 5ever haha you're so lucky to get one