Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016 Bath Time Box - Unboxing and Review!

Bath Time Box is a Canadian bath subscription box (started right here in Alberta - yay!!!). Bath Time Box focuses on products to help you rediscover bath time - I love baths so this box is right up my alley!

Bath Time Box is described as: 

"Designed and curated with the Bath lover in mind, each Bath Time Box contains 5 full and deluxe sample sized bath products carefully chosen to take your bath time to the next level.  Each box is carefully chosen with a focus on Natural and Handcrafted products. 
Delivered to you monthly, each box will hold an assortment of luxurious milk baths, scintillating bubble baths, invigorating scrubs, nourishing lotions and so much more."

Bath Time Box is $29.00 monthly + free shipping. (If you sign up for 3 months, it is $85, and 12 months is $335 + free shipping).

Also, if you are interested in purchasing items that you see in box, you can go the Bath Time Box store: www.bathtimestore.com 

The box ships on the 21st or 22nd of every month - it ships quickly and arrives in a few days! 
Here is a look at the May 2016 Bath Time Box:
may 2016 bath time box

The box always comes very neatly packaged and any of the products that may spill are wrapped up very well! Bath Time Box always includes 5 awesome handmade goodies! They always include a detailed product description page!

Here is a closer look at the products that were included in this month's box:
may 2016 bath time box

Bath Time Bubbles ~ $6.50. Enjoy a tub full if long lasting bubbles with the gently scented bubble bath. Packed full of skin loving nutrients and glycerin the combination is perfect for those lingering soaks! 

I actually really love this gentle scented bubbles - sometimes I use bath bombs and bubbles together but if both are too strongly scented, they aren't good to mix! I also love that these are long lasting bubbles too! Can't wait to use these. 

Lavender Bath Bomb ~ $5.00. Our super-duper bath bomb with all natural lavender essential oil and lavender buds. Perfect to destress after a long day.

Ugh, yes I LOVE everything bath related and lavender scented! Seriously, my absolutely favorite bath scent! I use my bubble baths to relax, unwind, and destress! I have loved all of the bombs I receive from Bath Time Bath - I think the formula is really great and they last a long time which is awesome! 

may 2016 bath time box

Citrus Clean - Cleansing Sugar Scrub ~ $8.50. This cleansing, refreshing scrub is gentle enough for the whole body. Gentle castile soap blended with skin loving olive oil, botanicals and an energizing citrus fragrance. 

Again, another scent win! This smells amazing! I really associate scrubs with invigoration so the orange (with a hint of cinnamon to me..) is perfect! I also love all the scrubs I have received from Bath Time Box, especially the Sugar Scrubs. The formula is really great and is a little more gentle than a salt scrub! 

Oh La La Oil - After Bath Nourishing Oil ~ $8.50. The super, non-greasy oil blend is perfect for after the bath or shower. After you step out, lightly towel off and then apply the oil, rubbing it in well. 

Oooh... I thought that this was a bath oil, so I am happy to see this is an after bath oil! I actually used to use an oil on my skin after every shower or bath and loved it! I have no idea why I stopped! I am really excited about this one! 

may 2016 bath time box
Soap To Go ~ $7.50. Perfect for the purse, backpack or gym bag! Soap you can take with you anywhere. Simply get your hands wet, rub the soap over them and lather away! After use, give the soap a wipe with a paper towel to remove excess water and recap! 

This is actually a great idea - I never really like hand sanitizers! This was created with travel in mind and for all the circumstance where you just don't have soap or weird public restrooms! I'm thinking picnics and camping trips, etc. that this is actually a great idea for! I know that I love the formula Bath Time Box uses for their soap! 

Bath Time Box came with 5 items and a total value of $36. This is a decent value and as usual, is consistent with the value of all the past boxes! I say it all the time, but for a bath box, this box always has a great mixture of products! I am looking forward to trying everything.

Bath Time Box always impresses me with their monthly boxes! The box always has a great variety of products in each box, as well as month to month! T
here is always new and original products to try - I love that they are always coming up with something new for their subscribers!

You can view my past Bath Time Box reviews here.

Have you tried Bath Time Box yet? What do you think of the products in the May box?

This box was sent in exchange for an honest review - all opinions are my own


  1. All the products look great! I am a big fan of citrus scents! The soap on the go looks really cool too!

    1. Yes - I am always happy with the products! The citrus scent of the scrub is awesome!