Monday, May 30, 2016

May 2016 Beauty Box Comparison - Ipsy vs. Topbox

Here is the breakdown of Ipsy vs. Topbox for May 2016:
may 2016 beauty box comparison chart ipsy topbox

In terms of value, Ipsy usually has a higher value over Topbox, but the cost can be much higher, especially with the Canadian dollar being low! 

Here is a closer look at each subscription:

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The value of this month's Ipsy bag was high this month (I hae found them ranging anywhere from $40-$60 which is great! It also came with 3 masks for 1 item, meanining I actually got 7 products in this month's bag! I absolutely love this months bag and am really happy to use all the products - masks, mascara, eyeshadow, crease brush and moisturizer! 

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This month's Topbox value was pretty on par with what it normally is - good value for $12! At first I wasn't thrilled with this bag, but once I took a closer look at all the goodies I was happy. I will use every item included in this month's bag - hair mask, bb cream. night pack, and mascara. That is a win for me! 

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What I am most happy with for the May boxes is that I will use every product from each subscription - that is a huge bonus for me! Overall though, I did love Ipsy the best this month!

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