Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion Foundation Review

I didn't get in to k-beauty until last year when I started getting Memeboxes and know I really love k-beauty goodies! I have been more interested in the Korean Skincare products and have only tried a few makeup products! 

I was really intrigued when I saw the latest k-beauty makeup trend: cushions! It took me a little while to get on the bandwagon, but I finally bought myself one!! (If you saw a recent post, I bought this in a mini Innisfree haul)

Ampoule Intense Cushion SPF34/PA++ 15G in "Natural Beige" ~ $31.67 CAN. Long-lasting moisture winter-cushion that keeps your skin hydrated for a long period by restoring moisture to your skin 
1. Ampoule Intense Complex™ protects the skin barrier, leaving your skin moist for 24 hours. 
2. High refraction of the blooming oil evenly distributes light, giving your skin a gorgeous natural glow 
3. The excellent formula of the cushion absorbs quickly to the skin, allowing a buildable layer.

How to use the Ampoule Intense Cushion:
Put an appropriate amount on the puff, apply lightly along the skin and gently dab onto your skin. Reapply and pat down, if needed.

This cushion is described as a "winter" cushion because it is very moisturizing and has a very dewy finish! I didn't look in to this too much when I purchased it, but if that is the case and it is not great for summer, I will wait for colder weather! 

This cushion provides light to medium coverage, and I read a few reviews that recommend not layering more than 2 layers (as it may start to get melty) 

*these photos are all unedited so you can see the true effect of the cushion*

Before using the cushion:

After the 1st layer:

And after the 2nd layer:

Here is a closeup look of the coverage:

I really like the coverage this provides - I agree that I would not put more than 2 layers of this on (1 was sufficient for light coverage).

These pictures do not quite show just how dewy the finish of this cushion is:

I love this finish!! This may be another reason why the summertime might not be the best in summertime, it made start to oily/greasy if it is too hot it may not last all day! 

I really love this cushion, but I do agree with the winter thought in that this should not be worn in the hottest days of summer! I will save this for fall and start wearing it then!! 

Have you tried the cushion k-beauty trend yet?


  1. definitely a winter finish with the dewy look but it looks SO natural and what a great shade match/coverage for you. I haven't tried anything from Innisfree yet but I am always tempted by kbeauty!

    1. I am definitely a k-beauty skincare addict - this was my first real venture into k-beauty makeup and I was happy with it! I love Innisfree products, I can't rave about their masks enough!

  2. I love how natural and skin like it looks! The cushion application idea is really becoming popular, I've seen a few different products like this come out recently! Great review!


    1. Thanks! Yes, the cushion is trending now, but I think it will stick around! I love the idea of really build-able coverage!

  3. Ok you have AMAZING skin - so jealous! This cushion stuff would never fly for me LOL - I need mega coverage :P might be nice as a first layer to create a dewy base but I'd definitely have to layer with another product!

    1. Thank you :) And, that's a great idea as this as a base? Or a thin layer on top of something more matte? I love the dewy finish!

  4. I've been wanting to try a cushion compact so bad and this one was on my radar, but I think I'm officially sold. This looks SO gorgeous on your skin.