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August 2015 Baker's Krate - NEW Canadian Dessert Subscription Box!!! (and a discount code!)

This box was sent to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion

One my favorite parts of blogging is that I get to help support new businesses - especially new Canadian subscription companies! I always get so excited when I hear of a new Canadian box. the subscription box businesses is very competitive and I love helping to put these companies out there!! 

Bakers Krate is a new Canadian subscription - and it fills a void in the food subscriptions! Here is how Bakers Krate is described:
Bakers Krate is a subscription box company that features hand crafted baked goods produced by Canadian dessert experts.

Bakers Krate described their goal as:
At Bakers Krate, we want everyone to discover Canada's tastiest and greatest desserts, no matter what province you live in! The Bakers Krate Team scours the Great White North looking for the best desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth!
Everything is hand crafted by Canadian dessert experts. We only share quality gourmet desserts, made with utmost care and love.
Made in one province, and sent to another. Enjoy local tastes and delicacies from other provinces, while staying in the comfort of your own home!
Packaged and sent straight to your door, freshness guaranteed!

Dare to go on a dessert adventure with us, and discover all the sweets that this country has to offer!

Bakers Krate offers 3 subscriptions:
  • Bakers Krate Original ~ $19.98 + free shipping. Only available in Winnipeg, Manitoba - this box contains 6+ desserts hand delivered to your door
  • Bakers Krate Jr ~ $15.98 + free shipping. Only available in Winnipeg, Manitoba - this box contains 6 mini items hand delivered to your door
  • Bakers Krate Sweet Express ~ $19.99 + $9.99 shipping across Canada - this box is the main feature of Bakers Krate. This box contains 6 or more gourmet desserts delivered to you! 
To receive the month's box, you need to sign up by the 20th of the month. Bakers Krate offers the ability to skip a month in the subscription (I love this - not many companies offer this option)!

(Please note that Bakers Krate is not able to accommodate allergies!)

I received the Bakers Krate Sweet Express - here is a look at the August box:

I'm happy with the packaging - it keeps everything separate and safe! 

Bakers Krate includes a description card, product information card, and an ingredient list! 

I like all the information included! Here is a look at all the treats inside:
Yum! 6 desserts - here is a closer look at them:

Raspberry Imperial Cookie ~ A European Delicacy! Two shortbread sugar cookies sandwiched with raspberry jam and iced with royal icing. (made by Cake-ology)

Mmmm... nothing like double cookies with jam and icing?! I have never had an imperial cookie before - and this was delicious! 

Saskatoon Imperial Cookie ~ An Imperial Cookie With A Taste Of The Prairies! Two layers of shortbread sugar cookies sandwiched with Saskatoon jam and iced with royal icing. (made by Cake-ology)

I would have liked to see a different product, instead of another imperial cookie. But I can't complain too much - these are delicious! 

Chocolate Brownie Square ~ A Little Piece of Chocolate Nirvana! A soft brownie cake layer, generously coated with a layer of decadent milk chocolate. (made by Goodies Bake Shop)

This brownie was delicious - I had a bite and my fiance had polished off the rest! It was just the right amount of sweet, but not overly sweet; just how I like it! 

Blueberry Crumble ~ A Seasonal Favorite! A juicy blueberry layer covered with a soft, crumbly topping. Warm it in the microwave for 20 seconds, and it will be like enjoying a fresh baked blueberry pie right out of the oven! (made by Goodies Bake Shop)

This is the only item in the basket that was a little soft when I got it - I just popped it in the fridge for a bit! I have not tried this yet, but it looks really great and I will try it right away! 

Vanilla Cakette ~ You Can't Go Wrong With Classic Vanilla! A soft vanilla cake inside, coated with white chocolate. A little drop of cake with loads of flavour! (made by Cake-ology)

I love cake-pops and mini cake bites! It makes me feel better about indulging a little - it's just the right size! 

Red Velvet Cakette ~ Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Guilt Free! You don't need to eat a whole red velvet cake. A drop of moist red velvet cake covered with white chocolate. (made by Cake-ology)

I was actually impressed with how the white chocolate held up with shipping in the August heat! I love red velvet cake and this was so good! 

Bakers Krate Sweet Express came with 6 desserts from 2 bakeries in Winnipeg: Cake-ology and Goodies Bake Shop. This box costs $30 with shipping, which works out to about $5 a dessert. I love supporting local bakeries and think this price is reasonable (especially for the imperial cookies and the brownies). 

I enjoyed all the snacks in the box! I think for September my only critique would be to maybe have a little more variety in terms of desserts and bakeries!

I think this box fills a niche in the food subscription box field in Canada! If you have a sweet tooth or know someone who does, this would be great! I also like that they offer free delivery around Winnipeg and know that this will do great in that city!!! 

Now, if you are interested in signing up for Bakers Krate, you can use the code PINK for 15% off your first subscription!! 

What do you think of Bakers Krate?

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