Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday - April 17, 2015

I'm linking up for another Five on Friday! I feel like this week was super busy, plus my son was sick on top of everything! Hope everyone had a great week!


Soup of the week - homemade tomato soup! This soup is actually so easy to make - literally about as long as it takes to heat up a can of tomato soup on the stove and it tastes so good! The recipe can be found here, from The Pinning Mama! Yum - and sadly, that is not a homemade cheese bun (I let the store do the majority of the work this week!)


I'm so sad to say this, but I cancelled my Nina Garcia subscription! Or hopefully, am only skipping this season! I love getting Nina's boxes, they always feel like such a splurge! But, with everything going on with the wedding and honeymoon costs (plus this job crap from my fiance and I), it just didn't feel right. Plus, I don't love a ton of hair stuff, so I am hoping I can re-subscribe for the Summer box! 


I have found a miracle acne product - Innisfree Jeju Bija Anti-Trouble Spot Patch - $3.83 for 12 patches. So easy to use - you feel a big pimple coming or it is already emerging, put this one overnight and bam! gone - I couldn't believe it! I ordered a bunch of masks from Innisfree a while ago and was actually hesitant to order these because I wasn't sure they were going to work! Now I am already getting more in case I run out. 

From what you can see though, I have only tried one so it may not be as miraculous every time, but I was very impressed! 

It was my fiance and I's 3rd Anniversary this past week and here is the gift he picked up for me:
A Wine-of-the-month Club! Comes with 6 different wines each month! It's amazing how well he knows me - a subscription and wine seem like the perfect combination to me! You can look forward to some of these in the weekly wine feature! 

Eeeeek - I think most of you know by now my obsession with adorable skincare items! I recently reviewed a Baviphat Strawberry Mask and I had to see what other adorable fruits this company made! Low and behold, I found these tiny little gems on ebay! For $6.99 I received:
  • Peach All-in-One Peeling Gel
  • Lemon Whitening Sleeping Pack
  • Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack 
This was also some of the quickest shipping from overseas I have received! Have you guys tried these before? I'm so excited to test them out! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! XoXo


  1. I am going to have to check that trouble spot patch out! That seems like a great idea! I've never heard of Innisfree before. Do you use them a lot?

    1. I only recently heard of them as well - I made an online order when they had a great deal on sheet masks! So they only other product I have used is their sheet masks and they are awesome!

  2. That soup looks so delicious! Yum! I am a huge fan of tomato and that is making me hungry!

  3. The packaging for those masks, gels and sleeping packs are soooo cute! You'll have to let us know what you think. Hope your little one is feeling better soon xoxo

    1. yes - I am a sucker for cute packaging! I will certainly review them when I get a chance!
      Thanks - little one is all better now!!!