Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 2015 Beauty Box Comparison - Ipsy vs. Beauty Box 5 vs. Topbox vs. Birchbox Canada

It's so nice to do my April Beauty Box comparison in April! Usually Beauty Box 5 comes pretty late in the month so these don't get done until I receive all 4!

Here is my chart breakdown of the 4 inexpensive beauty boxes:

I was fairly impressed by the value of all of the boxes, here is a closer look at each of the boxes:


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I have to start by saying overall I was disappointed with Ipsy's selections for me this month. I know they can't guarantee to follow your Beauty profile, but this bag was pretty much the opposite of all my selections - there looked like there was so many good lotions and serums this month and I did not get even one! I also do not have blush and lip items selection and got a blush, lipstick, and a lip and cheek stain! Rant over - I'm not thrilled with the lipstick color or the blush color, good thing the lip stain was not really tinted and I like the eyeshadow and eye primer! This was not my favorite Ipsy bag at all. 


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I do have to start by saying the Beauty Box 5 has always been up and down with products and box values - a few of the last boxes have had discontinued items and low values. On that note, this box is an improvement!! This months box had a decent value and 3 items were full sized (although 1 was foil packets). The only thing I will not use from this month's bag is the lipgloss - it is just too shiny for me! Nothing really wowed me, but compared to some of the past Beauty Box 5 boxes, this one is good. 


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Topbox does not send out the same products to everyone, so while my bag was just okay this month my work partner got an amazing bag - I think the items are always randomly selected, although there is small beauty profile to fill out. This month one of samples was a really good size and 2 were so small! The only thing I will not use this month is the lipgloss - it is too bright for me.


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Birchbox has been shipping to Canada for a few months now (I believe this box is #4 or #5) and so far they have just been okay - I receive a lot more body wash and lotion and less makeup then I would like. On that note, I did actually enjoy all of the products this month that I received and will use everything. I'm excited to try a really expensive lotion and really like the highlighter! 

None of the boxes this month were amazing, but I liked items from all of them - I have to say overall, Brichbox was my favorite this month! 


  1. Hmmm I'm only subscribed to Ipsy and BB5, but Topbox and Birchbox both look better.......... I am thinking of cancelling Ipsy because I've been disappointed the past couple months. I may switch to Birchbox.

    1. Ya it just depends what you like receiving in your boxes! Ipsy is more makeup, while Topbox includes lots of nail, hair and skin products, and Birchbox is mostly skin/hair care! That's why I like comparing all the boxes - Topbox is only available in Canada though.