Monday, March 23, 2015

March 2015 Mask Genie - Mask Pouch Review

Mask Genie is a newer all mask subscription service - started in January 2015! 

Mask Genie offers 2 different pouches:
  • 5 masks for $12
  • 10 masks for $22
The price for each pouch includes worldwide shipping!  

This subscription is a little different - you do not have a re-occurring subscription, you just email when you would like the next month! They do not have a subscription website, it is through the Facebook page. 

*As I was writing this, I saw that Mask Genie just started her website - she will only take e-mail orders now until March 28! 

I ordered the 5 mask pouch for March:

It came in a little pink organza bag & here are the 5 masks! This subscription does not come with a product card, but Genie does a youtube un-boxing and explains why she chose each mask for the pouch. Also, if you follow her on Facebook or Instagram she does detailed reviews of every mask she tries! 

In her Youtube video, she notes that some people will be disappointed with this pouch, as many stores were sold out of masks given that as she was putting together this pouch, it was just the end of the New Year. She did promise to make up for it with the April pouch!

Here is a closer look at the 5 masks:

Seatree Art Aloe 100 Mask Sheet ~ $1. (on Ebay for 15 for $27 + shipping). Aloe masks are for moisture and soothing the skin - great for a after a long day outside! 

Nature Republic Snail Solution Mask Sheet ~ $3.40 ($17 for 5). Contains snail mucus filtrate to create moisturized and healthy skin. 
Nature Republic is a well known brand and I love anything snail-y so this is great for me! 

Shara Shara Bebe Foot Hydration Mask ~ $1.81. Includes 9 kinds of herb complex such as jasmine extract and sage extract and urea and salicylic acid to soften rough skin. Offers moisture and nourishment to create smooth and soft baby-like foot.
Genie states this is one of her favorite masks and it is highly sought! 

3W Clinic Fresh Pomegranate Mask Sheet ~ $1.20 (10 for $12). With its excellent cleaning and astringent effects, it will leave your skin looking moisturized and clean.
This hypoallergenic mask sheet stays attached to the face along with the natural skin texture,and will provide a soothing comfort for your skin. 
I have received masks from 3W clinic a few times from different bags and have liked them each time! 

Benico 3D Warm Mask in "Rice" ~ $2.90. Made with 100% natural pulp fabric and tailored with a specialized 3D cutting to fit to the contours of your face like a second skin! Soaked in rich essence formulated with skin-friendly natural extracts to effectively moisturize.
The Rice is for anti-wrinkle and this mask is meant to be warmed up prior to use - you soak it in a bowl of warm water (or in the bath tub) and then apply! I love the idea of a warm mask - it just started snowing here again so it seems appropriate! 

So for $12 (including shipping), I received 5 masks with a total value of $10.31. I have noticed with the Mask subscriptions, that you are not often going to get much more than your paid for value. Personally, as long and the value is what I paid (this is a little less) than I am happy - this subscription is based much more on the curation than the overall value of the products. Also, I don't have a big selection of asian skin care places near me and would have to pay for shipping overseas if I was buying them off of websites or ebay anyways!

I love trying new masks (and finding new brands to love!) and Genie really focuses on making sure there is a great variety and no overlap of types on the masks she includes - personally I think this subscription will just keep getting better! I know this subscription isn't for everyone, but I like it!

If you would like to view my past reviews, you can go here.

Have you tried MaskGenie's Mask Pouch? What do you think of the March pouch?


  1. The warm mask sounds really lovely. I feel like most sheet masks have a cooling effect, but warmth can be really soothing at times.

    1. Yes I am looking forward to trying the warming one! I will write a review as soon as I try it!

  2. Where did you find the foot mask selling for that price? I got it for nearly $3, so thought it was slightly expensive to add to the pouch.

    1. Hi Genie! I did hear you say in the review video that it was the most expensive mask in the bag - I just saw the price on It is American $ and is currently on sale there? Also doesn't include the shipping cost to Canada by any means. It's hard just looking on the internet to find the price of everything so I usually look for a couple of websites to compare but that one was hard to find!!!