Friday, March 13, 2015

Five on Friday - March 13, 2015

I am linking up again for Five on Friday! 

I am drowning in cookies - I have been tirelessly making cookies for a fundraiser all week - it better pay off! Have you ever tried Skor cookies before? If you haven't - they are sooo good! You can find the recipe I use here. And I made chocolate chips before as well (but that recipe you can find right on the back of the chocolate chips!).

Holy Moly - this is happening tomorrow! This will be my first Polar Plunge, and I am a little nervous but it raises money for such a good cause - the Special Olympics! Should be an interesting day! Wish me luck!


My soup of the week was too good not to share (and that delightful corn bread!). This Tomato Dill Soup is great - I just added a little more zucchini and used fresh dill!! Also this Corn Bread recipe is so easy and so good - my son literally said "Thank you Jesus - I love your corn bread" and called it marvelous! These and a ton of amazing recipes can be found all over my Pinterest page!


I love getting cute products in the mail - and this week I got 2 k-beauty products!! (With Memebox not shipping to Canada anymore, I now have to order everything myself so I went a little ebay crazy - whoops!). I got:
  • Holika Holika Red Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask
  • Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss #5 Juicy Peach
I am so excited to use both of these! Have you tried either before? Let me know how they are! 

I need to start this one off with a disclosure - I loove reality t.v. (think Survivor, The Bachelor, Amazing Race, Big Brother - pretty much anything!) so if something juicy happens on one of my "shows" - you will hear about it here!! 

I love Chris and Whitney - they are so cute!! Whitney is adorable! But what is not so cute, is the next season:

Ugh, really? They are going to let the guys chose on the first night who they want to stay? I think that is so hurtful to the girl who has to leave?! Personally, I think they should have just picked Kaitlyn!

What's on your mind this lovely Friday?


  1. Don't even get me started on Big Brother. Last summer's season had me SO obsessed! I also watch wayyy too much Food Network.

    1. yes last season was sooo good - Big Brother is a total guilty pleasure! And we watch a lot of food network too - my 10 year old makes me record Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen so he doesn't miss any!