Friday, December 26, 2014

Memebox Superbox #81 1st Anniversary Box Review + coupon codes

Memebox is a Korean Beauty Box company - it is not a monthly subscription box - they instead have a ton you can choose from ranging in price from $15 and up - usually between $23 and $29. (It might be better for me if it was a subscription box because I buy more than 1 per month!!!)

All the boxes have different themes and they are limited quantities and sell out quickly - so if you see one you like, don't hesitate! The boxes come with 4-8 full size and deluxe sample size items & they usually show you 1 spoiler from the box and the rest are all surprises! Shipping to Canada is $6.99 (shipping does take anywhere from 10-20 business days) and they ship worldwide!

The 1st Anniversary Box was $29 + $6.95 shipping to Canada. The box was described as:

Hurray! We made it! In celebration of Memebox’s 1st year anniversary, we’re launching our 1st Anniversary Box! To make this box the BEST box ever and ensure the highest quality possible, we meticulously picked out only products that past our 1st and 2nd level screenings!
This ultimate K-Beauty box is bursting with the most talked and most wanted K-Beauty buys – everything from skin care, makeup, hair, plus more beautifiers that make it super simple to look drop-dead gorgeous! Perfect to give as a gift for the coming holidays, (or perfect to give as a gift to yourself), this box contains everything tailored to your K-Beauty needs! 1st year anniversaries only come once, and we're gonna make sure that it makes a mark in K-Beauty history!

Here is a look at the 1 Anniversary Box:

And here is a closer look at the products:

Tosowoong Bee AC Control Toner ~ full size $15. Tosowoong's Bee AC Control series is formulated from naturally derived ingredients - bee venom, galactomyces, and bifida ferments - that effectively soothe and neutralize acne-prone or simulated skin. The skin care line is especially recommended for those with sensitive, problematic skin that receives damage easily from dryness and the external environment. 
This sounds like a toner that would be perfect for my skin; however, I am allergic to bees - do you think that means I am allergic to this too? I have to say I am a little worried to try it and I am usually all over the weirder products, but not if I am allergic to them! I think this one is going to be a pass!

Unni Recipe Makes Your Skin Smooth Firming Pact SPF25 PA++ #21 LightBeige ~ full size $24. This innovative Unni Recipe pact helps skin breathe through and over full makeup. It smoothly coats over skin with a natural coverage and leaves skin feeling silky soft and revitalized. 
I prefer using loose powders over compacts - I am going to leave this in the package and pass it on!

RiRe Cool Dr. Scalp+ & Hot Speed Manicure ~ full sized products for $11. The Cool Dr. Scalp+ works to cool down the scalp temperature for preventing possible hair loss and also to remove unnecessary impurities and dead skin cells from your scalp. Then, there's the Hot Speed Manicure which works to penetrate deep into the hair cuticles, deliver abundant nutrition and creates a strong protein layer for maintaining the healthy moisture balance of your hair. 
I had a hard time believing that something called "hot speed manicure" was for your hair. From the description, I may not be using either of these hair products! I am picking about hair products and both just don't sound like they're right for me!

AHC Whitening Cream SPF35 PA++ ~ full size $38. Skin brightening is with no doubt one of the most sought-after features that Korean woman take into consideration when purchasing skin care or base makeup products. This is a 4 in 1 product: moisturizing cream, sunblock, brightening cream and complexion correcting cream and helps visibly corrects uneven skin tone to create the signature dewy, translucent complexion so adored by Korean women. 

So I am just not that in to whitening products - I know they don't bleach your skin or anything, but they do slowly work to stop the production of melanin to help correct the skin. It is just not a skin product I am interested in using!

RiRe Capsule Mask Pack in "Antiaging" ~ full size $22. Is your skin suffering from constant dehydration this winter? This innovative spray-type mask pack is here to save the day. Just spray it all over face under or over makeup as often as needed. 
I think this is like a refreshing mist - I'm not sure why the word mask is in there? I have started using refreshers as part of my skin routine so I will keep this one and see if I like it! 

So this box was $29, and came with 6 full sized products with a value of $110. The variety of products was great: toner, makeup, refreshing mist, hair care, and whitening cream. The only thing is, I didn't think all the products were for me - I will really only use 1 product out this box which makes it a bit of a disappointment for me!

What did you think of the Memebox Suberbox #81 1st Anniversary Box?


  1. I got this as well, I'm in love with the Unni Recipe compact and I'm close to running out but it's so pricey to purchase alone....=(

    1. I actually passed that on to a friend and she loved the compact! it is hard to find too!