Monday, December 22, 2014

Manicure Monday (Christmas Tree Nails) + Monthly Pedicure (Snowflake Toes)

It's so exciting that Christmas is getting so close - I am keeping up my themed nails once again by doing Christmas Trees on my nails and Snowflakes on my toes!

Here are the products I used for this week's manicure: 

  • Ciate #39 in "Mistress" (Red Polish for tree decorations)
  • Color Club in light green (for tree decorations)
  • Adorn polish in "Jealous Much?" (dark green for Christmas tree)
  • Teeez polish in "pretty in pyrite" (gold for base color)
  • Formula X nail cleanser and base coat
  • OPI Top Coat
  • dotting tool and nail art brush
I am only doing two Christmas Trees on accent nails (I use the thumb and ring finger - you can choose to do as many or as few as you like!)
Here are the steps I followed:
1. Nail cleanser and base coat
2. 2 coats of base color - I used gold
3. Use the dark green polish and nail art to create a tree. Start with a small triangle in the middle of the nail:

4. Using the nail art brush and green, from the base of the triangle create layers underneath, going out a little farther with each layer until you reach the nail tip and fill in the color (this part does not need to be perfect - it's a tree!):

5. Use the dotting tool with red and light green polish (or any colors you wish) to decorate the tree.
6. Let dry well and finish with top coat.

Again, here are my final results:

The trees can be a little tricky, but in my opinion no tree is perfect so I don't think the ones on your nails should be either!

Now time for toes - I'm doing snowflakes! 

Here are the products I used for this month's pedicure:
  • White Nail Art Polish (for snowflake - you can also use a white polish and a nail art brush)
  • Nicole by OPI in "Guys and Galaxies" (because snowflakes need glitter)
  • OPI polish in "Yoga-ta get this blue" (background color)
  • Formula X nail cleanser and base coat
  • OPI Top Coat
I have not done snowflakes before so this may not be the best - but like Christmas Trees, no snowflake is perfect so mine shouldn't have to be too!
Here are the steps I followed for this month's pedicure:
1. Nail cleanser and base coat.
2. 2 coats of background polish (I used a slightly shimmery navy blue)

3. 1 coat of glitter over the 4 little toes (for a snowy/sparkly sky look - there is no way I'm doing snowflakes on all these nails!):

4. Use the white nail art polish (or white polish with a nail art brush) and on the big toe make straight lines to create the snowflake shape:

5. Using the white nail art brush create little lines on the main snowflake form - I alternated between 3 and 2 on each side so it wasn't entirely symmetrical: 

6. Let dry and Top Coat!

That wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be! 

Again, here are my final results:

What did you do this week for Manicure Monday?

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