Monday, September 15, 2014

Manicure Monday (Cupcake Nail Art!) + a Monthly Pedicure (Pink Stripes and Hearts)!

Time for another Manicure Monday! (sorry this one is a little late - it took a little bit!)

My inspiration this week is: CUPCAKES!

For this week, I did not follow any tutorials, I just made it up as I went! 

Here are the products I used this week:

  • Formula X nail cleanser & base coat
  • OPI top coat
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #300 White On
  • ncLA "Santa Monica Shore Thing"
  • Julep "Taylor"
  • silver glitter nail art polish
  • LA Splash #12023 Foolish
  • French manicure nail stickers & skinny stripe stickers (sorry not shown)
  • Nail brush
  • Nail dotter
Here are the steps I followed for the Cupcake nails (I used this for 2 accent nails):
1. Nail cleanser & Base coat 
2. Use french manicure stickers to create cupcake base:

3. Use lighter color to fill out cupcake base 
4. Let this dry well and then place stripe stickers on base:

5. Paint darker blue over top:

6. Immediately after painting - peel off the stickers. Do not let the polish dry or it will lift funny! They will look something like this:

7. You will need to freehand the cup cake top with a small nail art brush - if this isn't easy just make a simple curved top, it will still look good. I tried to make a double icing layer. First I just lightly outlined the shape and then filled it in:

8. Add silver glitter over top (for sprinkles!)
9. Use a dotting tool and a pink polish for a little cherry on top!
10. Let dry well & Top coat!

*For the other nails - I painted 1 white with silver glitter, 1 plain lighter blue & 1 striped like the cupcake bottoms!

And, again here are my adorable cupcakes! 

I loved this nail art - it was a little more difficult but on takes a steady hand!

This week I also did a Monthly Pedicure. My inspiration this week is: pink and white stripes!
Here are the products I used:
  • Formula X nail cleanser & base coat
  • OPI top coat
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #300 White On
  • LA Splash #12023 Foolish
  • Stripe nail stickers
  • Nail dotter (sorry not shown)
  • Black nail art polish (not shown either!)
Here are the steps I followed:
1. Nail cleanser & Base coat
2. Paint all the little nails pink & paint the big toe white:

3. Let dry well and then place stripe stickers across the big toe
4. Paint the pink over top and remove stickers immediately (do not let the polish dry before peeling the stickers - this will pull the polish and wreck it)

5. I used black nail art polish and a nail dotter to add a small heart on the toe. Use the dotter to create to dots beside each other - then use the dotter or a toothpick to pull the polish down to create the bottom of the heart.

Here is my final product:

Hope you had a good Manicure Monday!


  1. Super cute! I'll have to do the cupcake one next time I bring cupcakes into work. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Love the cupcake nails! I've been really tempted to do something like that on mine but I'm always convinced that I will completely botch the job and it will look horrible!

    1. It's always worth a try! I find nail art is usually easier than it looks - start with something basic & the more often you practice the easier it gets! It doesn't need to be perfect to look good.

  3. At least nail art is something that's easy to fix/get rid of. I had a pretty bad first attempt at a marble manicure! BTW, in case you haven't heard yet, Canada has a new subscription service that just started shipping to us! I did a post awhile ago about it and just this week they finally started!

    1. I had a pretty poor attempt recently too trying water marbling! It wasn't pretty - but I am going to keep trying and get the hang of it eventually!
      Thank you for letting me know about Fabletics - I saw their announcement yesterday via Facebook and jumped all over it! Did you order? I signed up - 50% off your first outfit is amazing!!

    2. Just realized I never responded! I'm going to try again too, this time I won't wont use tap water lol. I haven't ordered from Fabletics yet because I have to wait until the 24th. I might actually wait until new items are released though, the only item I love that I don't already have is the asymmetrical zip jacket. Only issue is that it only comes with green in the outfit, not a good color for me!