Friday, June 23, 2023

Five on Friday - June 23, 2023 ~ Happy Place Book Review, Indigenous Peoples Day Books, Butterfield Acres, Wild Wonders Insectarium Bug Zoo in Inveremere, and Aura Watercolour Reading

Happy Friday - I hope you all have had a great week! We spent the last weekend at the cabin and it was lovely! 


Visions of the Crow, Last Standing Woman and Indigiqueerness were received as review copies - this post contains affiliate links

Always happy to share another read that I really enjoyed - this time it is Happy Place by Emily Henry! This is a second chance romance about a couple who broke off their engagement, but haven't told their best friends yet - everyone is too busy and have a lot going on. They have an annual friends trip, and despite trying not to go together, they end up together pretending to still be together to not ruin the weekend for everyone. It goes back and forth from present day to the past as we unravel what happened and caused them to separate. 

I don't always love second chance romance books (you know, sometimes they just don't belong together), so I wasn't sure how this was going to go for me; but, I found myself really rooting for the characters and thinking that they belong together! This wasn't just about the relationship, it was also about adult friendships and family dynamics that all played a factor. I enjoyed the dynamics and the friend group. They were cute and I was rooting for everyone. I found this relied a little too much on miscommunication than I normally like, but it was cute and I flew through this! 4.5 stars - good Summer read! 


It's was National Indigenous Peoples Day this week and I thought I'd share some new literature from Canadian Indigenous authors! All of these touch on different topics but meant to expand our perspectives!

-Visions of the Crow is a graphic novel dealing with a teen connecting to his roots through dreams.
-Truth Telling is a collection of essays by Michelle Good dealing with a range of topics from being a child growing up in care to Indigenous identity.
-Indigiqueerness is a conversation about identity and writing from the Author of Johnny Appleseed that uses mixed media.
-And, up next the one I haven't read yet is Last Standing Woman following several generations of women - this is a re-release celebrating 25 years!


Before our trip to the cabin last weekend, I helped supervise the Kindergarten field trip to Butterfield Acres and we had a blast - I've been to almost all the Calgary Farms, but not this one and the kids even got to milk the goats! 


While we were at the cabin this weekend, the boys were busy building a bunkie, so we went out to Inveremere for the day - we had fun at the market, and we loved the Wild Wonders Insectarium last year, so we had to check it out again this year! It's a small little bug zoo but they have some really cool bugs and it's pretty interactive - this is Elliott with a Thorny Devil! 


While I was at the Farmer's Market in Invermere, I came across The Humble Hermit who was offering Aura watercolours for $11 - she reads your aura explains everything to you as she watercolours a little picture for you! I thought it was really cute! 

I hope you all have a good weekend! 

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