Friday, March 22, 2019

Five on Friday - March 22, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a really busy week, so it's just flown by - I'm so happy it's the weekend already!


Certainly the funniest part of my week was a girl's night out with a couple of my besties! We are all big Bachelor fans, so we went and saw Kaitlyn Bristowe's Spring Break Tour for her podcast Off The Vine! 

I loved it - her guest was her best friends, Bri. It was actually a great choice; because, her first podcast I listened to was with Bri and they were hilarious - they are from the same province and same age as me, so there stories reminded me of my friends too. It was a hilarious show and I'm so glad we went! Also, that's Brandy Cyrus travelling around as her D.J.! 


I should apologize now - the rest of this post is pretty much all food, which is delightful because I love food; but, you may not! 

Prior to seeing Kaitlyn Bristowe, we went for dinner at Tres Marias Food Market - which is a little Mexican shop and restaurant and it was sooo good! I got a plate of nachos and it was so good! My friend really liked her tostados and everything looked and sounded so good! I would come back here to try more and pick up food to go too! 


I know I've made it well in to mom life when I attend a food prep and tupperware party - trust me, this isn't a complaint, it was actually really good! So, we pre-payed and the lady bought all the food for 5 meals, and we got all the tupperware to hold it in, plus a $25 shopping credit (and I won a little lunch prep container too!) It was quick, and honestly much better than just staring at tupperware at a party...


How adorable are these Lucky Charm cupcakes I made for St. Patricks Day?! I really love baking; but, I can rarely find the time now! Seriously, a teenager and a toddler make life BUSY! But, I did bake cupcakes and the best part is I made Whipped Cream Frosting which is so light compared to regular icing! So yummy! 


I told you that you this post was all food! But, I had to share this too! We had a girl's brunch last weekend and I love an overnight french toast recipe - this one was apple cinnamon and it was really lovely! I served it with some greek yogurt and syrup! Yum!

I hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. All those foods look so yummy! And those cupcakes are too cute with the lucky charms, such a great idea! Also really cool that you got to see Kaitlyn Bristowe.

    1. Yes, she was so fun to see!!! I'd never thought of the Lucky Charms before and they were so good!