Sunday, February 26, 2017

Skincare Sunday - Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque Review!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today i'm featuring a detoxifying treatment mask from Dermalogica! 

Dermalogica was started in 1986 with the belief in skin health over beauty - so the line was started to improve skin health, making all products free of common ingredients and irritants that could cause breakouts. These products are backed by skincare professionals and the brand has always focused on ingredients that worked, and using simple packaging! 

Skincare Sunday - Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque Review!

Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque ~ $62.00. All-in-one treatment masque detoxifies, brightens and invigorates normal to oily skin. Activated Binchotan Charcoal powerfully adsorbs impurities while Sulfur promotes cell turnover for dramatically brighter skin. Volcanic Ash, Sea Silt, Bamboo Extract and alpha hydroxy acids further accelerate skin brightening with dual-action exfoliation. Niacinamide helps reduce congestion and calm the skin while Chilean Wild Mint helps refine pores. Formulated without artificial fragrances, colors or parabens.

I love that this mask is designed to detoxify, brighten, exfoliate, and calm the skin! I'm a big fan of Dermalogica products so I am excited to this mask! 

Skincare Sunday - Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque Review!

This mask is easy (and quick!) to use - wash face, apply a generous amount of the mask to face and throat, leave on for 3-5 minutes, gently massage mask with very wet hands in to skin, then rinse thoroughly off skin! (Use up to 4 times per week when your skin is in need of rescuing!)

Skincare Sunday - Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque Review!

This mask has a really great texture - it goes on smooth and has just a tiny amount of exfoliant in it, so it doesn't feel harsh going on the skin. It does have a bit of an earthy smell from the charcoal, but it is not overpowering. This does dry on the face, but not fully so it doesn't feel tight or itchy on the skin at all. It was great to mix a little water in and exfoliate in to the skin before rinsing off - felt really refreshing! 

Skincare Sunday - Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque Review!

Overall, I was really happy with this mask! I loved that it was a deep-cleaning, exfoliating, detoxifying mask, but that it was also gentle on the skin and refreshing! Sometimes charcoal masks can feel heavy and this was light and quick to wear! This brightened and improved my skin's appearance and it felt great after using it! 

Have you tried this or any other Dermalogica mask before? What did you think?

*PR samples featured - all opinions are my own

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