Monday, December 21, 2015

Manicure Monday (THEFACESHOP Nail Mask and Snowman Nails!!)

For this Manicure Monday, I used a nail mask and did some nail art for the week! 

How adorable are these Snowmen?! I'm so happy with how this turned out! 

My nails were breaking a little and not feeling great this week, so I thought before I painted my nails, I would give them a bit of a treat:

Paraffin Nutrition Nail Pack ~ $2. Ideal before a manicure, this paraffin pack nourishes your nails deeply. Fragile and brittle nails are moisturized and strengthened!

These are fun little individual nail masks - you just slip the covers on your fingers and leave on for 10-15 minutes. When you take them off, you massage the remaining essence in to the skin.

I thought they worked well - and my nails and the skin around my nail felt great! For $2 this is awesome! 

Now to the nail art! 

I forgot to take a picture of the products I used, but I will list it:
  • Formula X nail cleanser and base coat
  • Julep polymer top coat
  • Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Nail Polish #481 Breezy Blue (light blue for background)
  • Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Nail Polish #300 White On 
  • Blue Nail Art polish (or other color for scarf)
  • Orange Nail art polish (for nose)
  • Wet n Wild Wildshine Polish in Black Creme
  • nail art brush
  • nail dotting tool 
For all nails I started with:
1. Nail cleanser and base coat
2. Two coats of base polish (I chose blue)

Now for the Snowman Nails:
1. Using white polish and nail art brush, create 2 circles for the snowman body
2. Using dark blue nail art polish (or a color of your choice for a scarf) and create a line across the snowman's neck and a little line for a tail of the scarf

3. Using orange nail art polish, create a little triangle for the nose
4. Using black polish and a nail dotting tool, create 2 eyes and 3 buttons 

For the Snowflake Nails
1. Using white polish and nail art brush create a few straight lines
2. Now off the main lines, create a few little lines off - no need to be perfect as every snowflake is different! 

Now for all the nails I added a touch of glitter, and added top coat! 

Again, here is a look at my final results:
snowman and snowflake nail art

I love the little Snowman nails!!