Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Rigamarole Rosé Wine + Deary Rose Idebenone Whitening Invisible Elastic Sheet Mask)

Time for another Wine and Mask Wednesday! This week's theme is going to be "Rose" - we will try a Rosé wine and a Rose sheet mask! 

I'm excited for this pairing! 

Here is a look at the Rosé Wine:

Rigamarole Rosé ~ $13. Rigamarole is in Okanagan wine they describe this wine as:
"Our RIGAMAROLE™ rosé menagerie of (what else?!) pink dolphins and flamingos is chock full of the fanciful and big on the outlandish. What makes them pink?  Well, food and physiology actually…but that matters less than the delicious aromatic pink wine that they inspire.  A blend of varietals, mingle so perfectly in our wonderfully engaging dry style rosé wine."

Here is a closer look:

This is a drier red with a base in Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Shiraz. Here is a look at the wine:

This is a bit drier of a wine than I normally like, but I actually really like this! This was great for sipping on but, also paired well with our Asian stir-fry dinner! 

Here is the Rose mask I paired with this Rosé wine:

Deary "Rose Idebenone Whitening Invisible Elastic Mask" ~ $2.20 (pack of 5 for $10.99) 

A staple in the skincare regimen that makes your face glow like a rose. I received this in my first Mask Genie Mask pouch and have been waiting to try it! 

I can tell you that I have been a little apprehensive to try "whitening" products (I have this irrational fear that somehow my face will be bleached 10 shades lighter than my neck)! I know it sounds crazy, so I have gotten over this fear and realize that they help to get rid of dark spots, make skin brighter and even out skin tone.

The steps are simple: 
1. Wash and tone face 
2. Pull mask out of package (it will be 2 layers - just peel off plastic layer)
3. There was excess essence in the package and I applied it to my face first
4. Place sheet mask on face and leave on for 15 minutes
5. Peel off and pat extra essence in to skin
6. Complete skincare routine

I thought this mask fit well overall (it was a little loose in some spots, but the tabs on the side allow for a pretty good fit):

You can see it was a little loose, but I was able to walk around while wearing it and it didn't budge! Overall, I thought the mask was good, I thought my skin looked more even toned after removing it and felt good! 

What did you do for your Wine + Mask Wednesday?

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