Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring 2015 LuxeBox by Loose Button - Canadian Quarterly Beauty Box Review

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LuxeBox by Loose Button is a quarterly beauty subscription. It is a Canadian Company and they send out their beauty box at the start of each season. The cost is $26.00 CDN per quarter ($27.30 with tax). Shipping is included in the price and they currently only ship to Canada! 

You will receive 7-8 sample size and full size products beauty product and tools. 
You can save a little if you sign up for a longer subscription - $25 a box if you sign up for 2 boxes and $24 a box if you sign up for a year (4 boxes). 

LuxeBox offers Box upgrades to different boxes for the season and I never selected an upgrade before! I decided to upgrade to the Bene-Boutique for the Spring box (this box was available for no extra charge, some upgrades cost a few extra dollars):

Looks like 5 products and a free brow-wax. I love Benefit cosmetics, so I'm looking forward to this!

Here is a look at the Spring 2015 LuxeBox Bene-Boutique Box:

This came in a much different mailer than I usually see LuxeBox in! Here is a look inside:

The little house is set up like an advent calendar - very cute! LuxeBox does not normally come with a product card but this month it did:

The product card explains the 5 Benefit products. And then here is the card for the free brow-wax. Do you notice that this is only available to use in Toronto?! Do you think LuxeBox advertised this when you decided to upgrade? No! That is crap - you would think if they included it in the value for all Canadians, they would have selected a store at least available in every province? There goes $25 off of this value! I'm not happy with this! (I have emailed the company regarding this!)

Here is a look at the products inside:

Here is a closer look at the products:

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream ~ sample size 0.1 oz for $8 (full size is 0.5 oz for $40). Your eyes can't keep a secret—they're the first to show signs of age and stress. It's Potent! Eye Cream fades dark circles and helps smooth the appearance of fine lines for brighter, younger-looking eyes.
I ordered this box around the same time as I ordered the February Benefit TopBox - but since I wasn't sure I was going to get the Topbox, I decided to double-up! I do have this already, so I may pass it on! 

Benefit The POREfessional ~ sample size 0.1 oz for $4.93 (full size is 0.75 oz for $37). Quickly minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup.

I have received this product in a few boxes now - but I like the product. This is quite a small sample size for a face product. 

Benefit They're Real Mascara ~ sample size 0.1 oz for $9.67 (full size is 0.3 oz for $29). They're real! lengthens, volumizes, lifts & separates. This jet black, long-wearing formula won't smudge or dry out.
I was hoping that they may decide to include the new Rollerball Mascara instead of this type. This is iconic mascara is good, but it's not my favorite. I prefer not to use the mascara with the hard plastic bristles. 

Benefit Gimme Brow in "Medium/Deep" ~ full size 0.1 oz for $28. This innovative brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin & hair... creating brows where before there were none. It builds easily for thick, lush arches. 
It is nice to see a full sized product in the box - I have never tried this product before! I usually use a clay brow product so this is different for me! i will have to play around with it before I decide if I like it or not! 

Benefit Benetint ~ sample size 0.08 for $6.86 (full size is 0.42 oz for $36). Kiss-proof, see-through color for lips & cheeks that lasts for hours. Naturally sheer & sexy on all complexions... it's innocent yet provocative. 
I have tried a few lip and cheek tints but I have not tried the Benefit brand yet! I'm not the biggest fan of stains (maybe because I haven't quite mastered how to use them yet!) but I will try this to see how I like it! 

LuxeBox advertised this box as having a value of $78. I have not included the value of the Brow wax because it is only available in 1 city across Canada. My calculation of the value is $57.46. This is still a good value, just not as much as advertised. I am happy there is 1 full sized products and am happy with most of the products in the box. 

If you are interested, you can view my past LuxeBox reviews here. If you are interested in signing up for LuxeBox, I would love it if you used my referral link here: 

For now, I have cancelled my LuxeBox subscription - this was one of the ones I decided in January (when I put myself on a diet), that I decided to skip on when I had to make some cuts! I will hopefully try it again though! 


  1. That's really awesome that they did it in such a fun box! I'm obsessed with that POREfessional product, I got a sample size awhile ago and was impressed with how long it lasted.

    1. Yes the box is so cute - although it was actually hard to get the samples out of, so it doesn't look so cute anymore!!

    2. I ended up sneakily opening the bottom and removing the entire sample tray! The box remains beautifully unopened!

    3. Ah - that was a good idea! I should have thought about that!