Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March 2015 Beauty Box Comparison - Ipsy vs. Birchbox Canada vs. Beauty Box 5 vs. TopBox

Sorry this post is a little late! 

Here is the basic comparison between the March 2015 Inexpensive Beauty Boxes - Ipsy, Birchbox Canada, Beauty Box 5 and TopBox:

Most of March's boxes had a very good value - here is a closer look at what I liked and disliked about each bag:


I think my favorite part of Ipsy's March bag has to be the makeup bag! Love it - so pretty and bright! This month I received a high valued bag and 3 full size products which is great! I really liked the highlighter, the eyeshadow, and the cleanser. I did not like the shade of the lipstick or the hair oil. Overall, this bag was pretty good! 

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I have to start by saying that the last few months of Beauty Box 5 have been pretty terrible and have included samples of old, discontinued products. This month was certainly an improvement as the box did not include any discontinued products! This month's bag came with a decent value and included 3 full size products, but it also contained foil samples, which most people consider valueless. I liked the mascara and the color of eyeliner I received, and I also like the Eslor products (even though they are foil packets). The lotion is okay, but a rather small sample and I did not like the color of lipgloss I got at all. I have to say this box is an improvement and I was decently happy with it, but I would still recommend looking at a few past posts to make sure you would like it!

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For the March Topbox, I selected the Prive Philosophy box. I knew the three items would be sample size, but this is the lowest value Topbox I have ever received. I love Philosophy products and have been happy with all of the products I have tried - so I was very excited to get this one! I liked the 3 products individually but was most confused why Topbox would include 2 cleansers and an eye cream in the box - I would be thrilled with this box if 1 of those cleansers had been a moisturizer! I still like the products, just thought 1 product change and it would be perfect! 

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Birchbox has been shipping to Canada for a few months now and while I have liked the boxes, I have been waiting for them to wow me! They did that this month with a high value box and a Beauty Blender for every Canadian subscriber! Just in time too - my last one got ripped so I needed a new one! The rest of the products were okay, I like the conditioner, lotion, and perfume, but did not like the colro of lipgloss I received. I would not have been too thrilled by this box if it had not contained a Beauty Blender. 

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All of the boxes were decent this month - I think my favorite is a tie between Ipsy for all the full sized makeup products and Birchbox for the Beauty Blender! 

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