Saturday, May 25, 2024

Five on Saturday - May 25, 2024 ~ Victoria Trip, A Tempest of Tea Book Review, First Garden Blooms, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Secrets of the Octopus Documentary

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all had a great week! 


Me and Elliott took a little long weekend trip to Victoria this past weekend and had such a great time - we spent time at the ocean, enjoyed the wharf, took in all the sights and visited with my brother! We stayed right downtown and had such a great time! 


Another great book review - A Tempest of Tea by Hafsah FaizalThis was a lot of fun - A YA Fantasy Novel that includes a heist and vampires?! Love. We have a group of misfits that all come together with a goal in mind of saving Arthie and Jin's tearoom/bloodhouse as it's being targeted and potential shut down. They are seeking an article that will give then the upper hand to save their business. They add Flick, a great forger from an upperclass family (but an outcast) as well as a brooding vampire and a member of the masked guard of the city. I found the group and their dynamics intriguing (there was so much good tension with the group) and the stakes felt so high and the ending, just wow - there was so much going on! 4.5 stars. 


I came from my long weekend away to my first garden blooms - I love these parrot tulips and I have little daffodils in bloom too!


I recently watched Kiki's Delivery Service - I am trying to get through Studio Ghibli films and this one was about a young witch who has to go out in the world and she creates a little delivery service with her cute little cat! 


I just watched the Secrets of the Octopus documentary on Disney Plus and I loved - they are such amazing creatures and this was fantastic! It's only three episodes so it's a quick watch and I really enjoyed it! 

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! 

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