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The 3 Worst Products I Tried in 2023 ~ Makeup & Nails

fYou should know by now that I really try and shy away from poor or negative reviews - I like to keep things positive around here, so I typically only share things I love! Now, that doesn't mean I will lie, if something isn't great I would never say it is, but I tend to keep my content to things I enjoy. 

But, I make an exception for the Worst Products of the year, because these aren't just a little bad or I didn't like them, these are all pretty terrible products that I could never recommend them!

The 3 Worst Products I Tried in 2023 ~ Makeup & Nails
I purchased these product

It's 2023/24, but do we still need disclaimers like, "just because I didn't like this single product, doesn't mean I don't love the brand" or, "please, don't be offended if one of these is your favourite products"? Because, yes all of that is true, and I think it should go without saying - a lot of these products are from brands that I like and have tried other things from and one product is not a reflection of the whole brand! And really, to only have 3 terrible products to talk about means it was a pretty good year! 

So here's a look at what didn't work for me this year: 

Quo Glossy Lip Stain in Jelly ~ $12.00 CAN. Introducing an ultra-comfortable, lightweight formula that goes on glossy and stays put all day. This innovative award-winning formula evenly stains your lips with a glossy finish. The pointed applicator allows you to create the perfect cupid's bow and/or lip liner, while blending beautifully onto your lips for the ultimate pout.

Earlier this year, I was really excited to see a glossy lip stain in the drugstore - this is a trend that's been in k-beauty for a while but it's nice to see it come mainstream and in the drugstore. But, this formula was just really patchy on me and the glossy finish did not show on me at all. Maybe it's because I picked a darker colour, but it just did not look good, wear well or apply evenly at all. Would not recommend. 

NYX Professional Makeup Bare With Me Concealer Serum in Light ~ $18.49 CAN. Meet our 1st skincare serum in a concealer for face and body. 100% vegan formula and up to 24HR hydration for skin that feels moisturized all-day. This is a skintervention! Dark circles? Erased! Acne & blemishes? Covered! Redness & irritations? Girl, bye! Dry patches? Don't know her! Infused with tremella mushroom, cica, and green tea. Cover and conceal your skin troubles while hydrating your skin! Get skin that looks like skin in an instant. Non-cakey finish with a lightweight feel. Redness? Acne? Texture? No more! Say goodbye to skin stress and hello to covered and hydrated skin! Get coverage without the cake and a seamless natural finish.

I was looking for a light-weight concealer and I heard rave reviews about this one, so I was excited to give this a try and it did absolutely not work for my skin at all. I was 36 & 37 this year and this showed every single tiny line under my eye - and not just show them, but EMPHASIZE them way too much. It basically just settled in there and looked terrible. This was too creamy and settled and moved in not a flattering way. Honestly, this was one of the worst concealers, possibly the worst that I've ever tried.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Colour ~ $3.37 CAN. Extreme protection and shine. Patented with micro-shine complex for brilliance and shine.

This isn't a new product - it's actually an old product that I loved, but is August 2023 it was reformulated and released with their Subway Surfer collection. They reformulated this to be 100% vegan (which is great), but unfortunately, the new formula is terrible. It is super thin, hardly covers anything and isn't opaque in three coats - it's patchy and I tried 4 shades and they were all like this! 

Again, it's been a good year if only 3 products are on this list, but unfortunately, these just didn't work for me! What was the worst product you tried this year?! 

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