Friday, September 15, 2023

Five on Friday - September 15, 2023 ~ The Circle Book Review, Calgary Corporate Challenge, Clothing Finds, Glow Up Season 5, and Summer Declutter

Happy Friday everyone - I hope you all had a great week! It's been a little busy here and I have a super busy weekend coming up! 


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As always, I'm happy to share more great books with you guys and honestly, the new release The Circle by Katherena Vermette is amazing - 4.5/5 stars. This is the third in a set of companion novels that are contemporary fiction surrounding the metis experience in Winnipeg (and really across Canada). This series starts with The Break (5/5 stars) - a book surrounding a violent act and everyone affected by the crime, both directly and non-directly and the fall-out and effect on relationships and family. The story is full of different perspectives and it's beautifully written - it's powerful and difficult to read. 

The second book is The Strangers (4.5/5 stars), and this follows three generations of the Stranger woman (still following the fallout from the first book) over the next five years. This one is complexed and layered and really demonstrated that every person is not the same to everyone - someone may be hard to love, or done something terrible, but they are still someone's mom, sister, or grandma. And, the most recent - The Circle is described as the final piece of the circle - bringing everyone together to share. But, what happens when the person connecting everyone goes missing and what is the fallout?! This is still powerful and sad - it really touches on trauma and violence and how that is sadly a part of the current metis experience, but also about family and love and relationships. Truly powerful, difficult reads, but so well written! 


This past weekend was the kickoff for Calgary Corporate Challenge - it was a busy weekend with events, Amazing Race Truck Pull and Volleyball. The Calgary Corrections team did well and we got a medal in the Truck Pull event! So much fun! 


I picked up a couple of clothing pieces this week - I was able to pick up this Smash and Tess dress! It's not a style I would pick up from their website, but it was only $30 in a facebook group and it's really cute! The pants are the "IXIMO Women's Tapered Pants 100% Linen Drawstring Back Elastic Waist Pants Trousers with Pockets" and while I don't always love Amazon fashion, these were under $17! 


I just saw that Glow Up Season 5 is out on Netflix and it's amazing - I'm currently a couple of episodes in and am just blown away by the artistry and makeup on the show! I love it. 


And a little Summer declutter - I realized I hadn't done that in a while, but my skin was really sensitive to actives, so I cleared out my routine and brought it back to the basics. The nail polishes are terrible, so away they go, the other products again were either too strong for my skin, but also just a couple products that I wasn't reaching for. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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