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Five on Saturday Swatch Post - March 25, 2023 ~ Hindash Monochromance Palette, ColourPop Trouble Maker Eyeshadow Palette, Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Second Helping, ColourPop Harry Potter Back To Hogwarts Shadow Palette and Slytherin Locket Graphic Ink Liner

Happy Friday everyone - I hope you all had a good week. Usually I use these posts as my weekly life wrap-up, but honestly, I've accumulated some make-up products that I just can't get full posts up at this point, so I'm going to share some quick swatches and thoughts! (I like to have these saved for future or quick search references). 


I purchased these products - this post contains affiliate links

Hindash Monochromance Palette ~ $98.00 CAN. The six-pan gradient palette features an ‘80s- and ‘90s-inspired color fantasy exploring themes of romance—from first love to heartbreak. The vegan matte formula offers unparalleled blendability with 24-hour color payoff and a second-skin feel. The captivating colors are specially created to flatter and enhance all skin tones and serve endless purposes—from eye shadow and eye liner to blush, bronzer, and more.

Okay last year Hindsash was on my must-try list and I was really excited to try this new eyeshadow palette - I love the gradient effects of the shadows and that they are multi-purpose. Unfortunately, I just tried to love this and I found the shadows were just okay. The shadows are pretty and the neutrals look amazing! But, they are really lightly pigmented so require a ton of buildup and the purple and blue just aren't useable like that! 

ALTER + EGO ~ Bone beige that blends into taupe with a matte finish
MATCH + MADE ~ Muted yellow that blends into neutral khaki brown with a matte finish
HEAVY + PETAL ~ Baby pink that blends into raspberry with a matte finish
HEART + THROB ~ Dusty peach that blends into oxblood with a matte finish
ANTI + DOTE ~ Lilac lavender that blends into deep purple with a matte finish
FOREVER + INKED ~ Teal that blends into bright aqua with a matte finish

So, these shadows are just so tightly pressed, it's not actually recommended to swatch them - so I called this a swatch post and cheated on the first one! But, I just had to share my thoughts! I had to declutter this last year because I just didn't enjoy using it - but I felt guilty and tried to revive it and use it as a whole face palette and I still couldn't get it to work. I actually think I would have gotten more use with the first palette. I'm still interested in the brand and trying more products from them at some point! 


ColourPop Trouble Maker Pressed Powder Shadow Palette ~ $25.38 CAN. Start a riot with 12 rebellious shades like smokey greys and punky pinks and plums in Matte, Sparkle, Metallic, Duo Chrome and Super Shock finishes.

I was really excited for this gorgeous colour story - this is a grungy pink, purple and grey colour scheme and it included a duochrome so I was really excited to try this palette and I'm usually always impressed with the colourpop shadow formula. Sadly, this palette got so muddy and way too grungy on me - the pinks were gorgeous, but as soon as anything medium to deep went on my eyes, it looked to muddy and dark that got everywhere and just looked bad. 

baddie ~ icy white with silvery pin points
sus ~ matte soft grey
younger self ~ matte warm mauve
wild ~ metallic cool-toned violet pink
fri nite ~ matte mid-toned plummy taupe
villain era ~ metallic true silver
real ~ plum undertone with blue and silver duo chrome finish
zero effs ~ matte smoky plum
kickass ~ metallic rich gunmetal
messy ~ metallic deep smoky plum
cold hearted ~ matte black with hot pink pinpoints
u luv it ~ matte charcoal

This is probably one of the only recent ColourPop palettes I haven't enjoyed sadly. I have been purchasing from them a little less, so I always hope what I pick up is going to be good! 


Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Second Slice Palette ~ $69.00 CAN. This sexy, sparkling, pumpkin pie-scented eye shadow palette features 18 warm and spicy shades in a variety of finishes that will make transitioning from your morning PSLs to your favorite fall late-night snack as easy as pie! Smells like pumpkin pie! 

I haven't tried a Too Faced palette in quite some time - I really like their mini formulas, but haven't used a full sized palette for a while. I enjoy this colour story, thought the concept was cute and the little sweet scent was cute. I thought this was actually a little more "one note" than I thought - most of my looks are similar and it's all very mid-toned to me. The quality is good, but this palette didn't quite wow me. 

Whip It Good ~ nude champagne with gold & silver shimmer satin
Sip, Sip, Hooray ~ light beige matte 
Crust Issues ~ light burnt-orange matte 
Cutie Pie ~ metallic rust-orange metallic 
Pick Of The Patch ~ green-gold shimmer
More, Please! ~ dark green-black with gold, green and silver shimmer

Squash It ~ bright orange with yellow gold & orange shimmer 
Everything Nice ~ warm yellow-nude matte
Serving Looks ~ terracotta brown matte
One More Bite ~ marigold metallic 
Cinn-ful ~ copper brown metallic 
Spice-tacular ~ rusty red-brown matte

Toasted ~ light tan matte
Second Helping ~ deep orange metallic
Scary Spiced ~ cool purple-brown matte
Fall Feels ~ plum metallic
Thankful ~ fuchsia pink satin
Eye On The Pies ~ rust red matte

Again, this palette is fine - the formula is good, but the colour story isn't as varied as I was originally hoping it would be! 


ColourPop Harry Potter Back To Hogwarts Shadow Palette ~ $42.87 CAN. Alohomora! Unlock spellbinding looks with 24 shades inspired by your fave characters and the Four Hogwarts Houses in Metallic, Matte, Pressed Glitter, Matte Sparkle and Super Shock Tie Dye finishes!

This palette was a bit of a struggle - there is obviously a lot of controversy around JK Rowling and her comments towards the trans community. I purchased this and I feel like things got worse. I love the Harry Potter universe so much so it's been a struggle, but ultimately I did decide to purchase this and I think objectively,  it is a nice palette. The formula is good, the shades and pretty and the colour story is what is expected when you think of the four houses! 

Elder Wand matte rich smoky grey
Gillyweed metallic soft pastel green
Enchanted Keys ~ matte cool-toned taupe
Mandrake ~ matte reddish brown
Whomping Willow ~ matte warm-toned beige
Lumos ~ metallic white opal with gold duo chrome finish

Hungarian Horntail ~ metallic rich golden green
Great Hall matte warm chocolate brown
Patronus metallic silvery denim blue
Invisibility Cloak ~ vivid coppery red
Hufflepuff matte soft buttery yellow
Floating Candlesmetallic soft gold

Sorting Hatmatte cool-toned smoky brown
Nimbus 2000 metallic golden olive green
Forbidden Forest rich cobalt blue with pink, green, blue, violet and sliver tinsel glitter
Butterbeer metallic burnt orange
Golden Snitch metallic bright marigold
Marauder's Map ~ matte pale warm-toned taupe

Dementor ~ matte true blacks
Slytherinmatte deep forest green
Ravenclawrich indigo blue with silver and teal pin points
Gryffindor ~ matte rusty red
Pumpkin Juicerusty orange with gold and silver pin points
Liquid Luckmarigold with gold and silver pin points

This palette is really pretty - it's got such a variety of shades, and goes well from light to dark. I like all the formulas and overall, it's a good palette! 


ColourPop Locket Graphic Ink Liner ~ $14.29 CAN. Break the rules with these Hogwarts House liners! Get extreme colour payoff with a flexible precision tip that effortlessly moves for the sharpest, sleekest lines ever.

I typically prefer a pencil liner - this one is potted. What I find with a potted liner is that the colour payoff can be uneven or too heavy in some spots. But, this is a green for Slytherin and it's a nice, deep green. The formula itself is fine - it is a tip style that I like and the formula is fine. 

Here is a look at the Locket Graphic Ink Liner swatched on me - again you can see the payoff is a little bit different in all areas. But, the colour is pretty and I can make it work! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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