Friday, March 31, 2023

Five on Friday - March 31, 2023 ~ Grape Escape, Elliott's Basketball, Nordstrom Liquidation Sale, Thrifting Finds and Monthly Declutter

Happy Friday - can we believe that it's the last day of March?! How is it already almost April - wow! 


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Last weekend we had a Parent's Night Out - we went out with our parents to the Coop Grape Escape - it's basically a fun wine night with lots of food and drinks from a huge amount of vendors. We had a blast! 


Elliott finished his first season of basketball this year - he's so cute and has been playing since September, so he did really good! He's a little all over the place, but certainly tried hard! So cute! 


I went last week to check out the Nordstrom Liquidation sale when it was announced - yes, it was only the 5% off, but because I went to Nordstrom Rack, I thought I still got a good deal and a really cute Marc Jacobs purse for $120 and a couple of shirts for under $30! 


This past weekend I went to Value Village and found some really great items thrifting! I got these adorable Dynamite floral pants, Jillian x Joe Fresh jeans, linen shorts and a pair of work pants! I also got some good kids books, kids clothes and toys for Elliott - we had a great shopping afternoon! 


And, here's a little look at my Monthly Declutter - I got rid of a few Jaclyn Hill items (I'm just over the brand and her), plus a couple of foundations that are too light, and a few other items that just weren't working for me! 

I hope you all have a good weekend! 

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