Friday, July 24, 2020

Five on Friday - July 24, 2020

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you had a great week - I am on holidays again this week, just at the family cabin in Fairmont and it's been a lovely week (or so I think it will be - I am pre-writing this again because I won't have wifi for the week on my laptop!) Make sure you are following my instagram to see how my week was! 


I purchased everything in this post

We spent the past week in Penticton, and I can tell you, even though we were a little nervous about travelling, there has been lots of back and forth between Alberta and B.C., so we felt comfortable knowing we were going to stay with family and laying pretty low. We did book some private wine tastings and enjoyed a few family activities - beach days, go-karting and mini golf! I can tell you, it was really nice to get out of our house for a little while! (And, we briefly came home, re-packed and are going back to B.C. for a quiet week at the cabin). 


On our drive out to B.C. we did take two days and spent a bit of time in Revelstoke - we stayed in a hotel, made our own meals, enjoyed the pool, rode the gondola and mountain coaster and enjoyed my favourite stop on the drive - the Enchanted Forest! Would you guys be interested in a little travel post about all my favourite stops from Alberta to BC? It's something I've been considering! 


Curious to see all the wine we picked up while we were there?! We re-stocked our wine room pretty good with stops at Honeymoon MeadBackdoor WineryDeep Roots WineryDaydreamer WinesFoxtrot WinesHowling Bluff Estate WinesOrigin WinesFour Shadows Winery, and Three Sisters Winery.


One of the stops on the drive is D Dutchman Dairy and it's a farm/icecream stop; but, they also have some delicious Dutch treats including Speculaas cookies and hagelslag (or muisjes), which are basically just delicious sprinkles you eat on buttered bread - it's delightful! 


The last thing I probably need right now is more wine; but, my Mom while watching my house went for a tasting at Spirit Hills Honey Winery and picked us up a few as well! I have tried a few at a wine night, but it's been a while, so I'm excited to try them! 

I hope you all have a good weekend! We are coming home tomorrow night and then back to reality on Monday! 

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