Friday, March 1, 2019

Five on Friday - March 1, 2019

Happy Friday everyone and Happy March! I hope you all had a great week! I'm looking forward to March - let's bring on some Spring (take the hint Calgary!)


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Time for a new Monthly Makeup Basket for March! I've been implementing this for my face products all month to help me use the products that are in my collection, and not just sticking to the brand new products I get and forgetting the older ones... 

I pick a couple I want to use and then the others I select randomly from a list (because I write these down and keep track - same with my palette of the week, so I can actually make sure I use them!) So, for March I'm using:
  • Luna Cosmetics Highlighter in "Calypso" - this is a beautiful highlighter that was in my basket last month; but, I only used it once! I considered decluttering it but it is gorgeous, so I want to give it another chance! 
  • Becca Apres Ski Glow Face Palette - okay, I think I got this in my 2018 Beautylish Lucky bag and I always forget to use my face palettes, so I'm not sure I've really ever used it. I'm looking forward to getting use out of it! 
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Ornate - I used a different Tarte blush last month and love the formula; I think this shade is discontinued now; but, it's lovely! 
  • Too Faced Sweet Peach Papa Don’t Peach Blush - this is such a pretty blush, it made my Best of Beauty 2017 and it's great. It's starting to get major hard pan and I'm not sure how much longer it will last, so I'm going to use it as much as I can! 
I'm looking forward to using these all this month! 


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And, thought I would share a little recap of my February Monthly Makeup Basket:

I'm really enjoying going through my collection! 


This week was Pink Shirt Day aka Bullying Awareness Day. I always make sure to rock my pink and I'm so proud that my son is 14 and willing to wear pink all day at school and even at his basketball tryouts that evening! Plus, great news for Damian this week, he made that Selects basketball team and is so excited! Because this is club league basketball, we will have a really busy couple of months; but, it will be fun! 

Now that it's March 1, Jayne at Cosmetic Proof and Chantal at Chantal's Corner and I are done our 28 days of Masking Challenge! I have enjoyed this so much as a fun way to really get myself back in to masking too! The first week was printed masks, the second week was food masks, the third week was flower masks and the last week was luxe week (my final recap of this week will be up on Sunday!) Check out the recaps and make sure to check out Jayne and Chantal's recaps too! And you can look forward to us in April using all clean beauty masks! 


February's declutter feels a little ruthless! Yikes! Again, I'm really trying to enjoy my collection, so if I'm not using something or don't love it, it's time to go! 

So, the Juvia's Place palette and ColourPop palettes are both beautiful; but, they are sitting in my collection untouched for almost a year - I would love to pass them on to someone who will use it! The Naked Heat palette is lovely; but, just so one note and really doesn't give me looks I love anymore - I need a little variety and balance for me to truly love a palette. The Tarte Tease mini palette was a past favorite - it's just older and changing a little bit in formula now. Plus, I got rid of single eyeshadows from Ofra, Urban Decay and Maison Jacynthe - they were just okay; but, I never use them. I also am passing on the pigments from Notoriously Morbid - they didn't apply well or easily for me. 

Also, passing on some nail stickers - these give the fun shattered glass nails; but, holy these were hard to use, I would never do it again! The Dr. Brandt primer is just sitting there waiting to be used more and the IBY lipstick and Too Faced lipstick just won't get used. The Ceramic Glaze polishes and separating and getting old and I just don't use this foundation brush style. Whoops, didn't know I was getting rid of so much! 

I hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. Hi Renee; if you have any palettes left from your destash please let me know, sorry we never made it to see you in January. We were only in the city overnight and Elaine wanted to hit the mall. The video is in editing now I will send you a link when it is done. I would be happy to etransfer for postage etc.

    1. Ya send me a link when it's done! I will send you a message or email about the palettes and see what I have left