Monday, February 6, 2017

Manicure Monday - Red Rose Nail Art!

Happy Manicure Monday everyone! So it is so snowy and crappy here in Calgary that my son's basketball practice got cancelled for this evening. On a positive note, that means I can get my nails done on a Monday! 

Whether or not I really celebrate Valentine's Day doesn't mean I can't enjoy all the pink and red and cute festive goodies that go along with the holiday! I usually do Valentine's themed nails for the whole month - this week I'm thinking Red Roses! 

Manicure Monday - Red Rose Nail Art!

Roses seem like more difficult nail art until you actually do them - then you realize that they are a lot easier than they look (just blobs with some rounded lines painted through them!) I have created a quick how-to tutorial for you to make things easier! 

Here is are the products I used for this Mani:

-Nail Cleanser and Base Coat - I used  Formula X
-Top Coat - I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat
-Nail dotter 
-Nail art brush
-light base coat polish - I used Ceramic Glaze in Urbane (not pictured!)
-Dark red polish for base of roses - I used Ciate Mini in Dangerous Affair 
-2 lighter red/pink accent colours - I used LVX in Lolli and blinc red nail art polish
-green polish for leaves - I used art deco green nail art polish

Last year I created a tutorial to help demonstrate the steps I followed to create the roses:
Manicure Monday - Red Rose Nail Art!

Start with nail cleanser, base coat and 2 coats of base colour polish. Take a nail dotting tool and create a big circle for the base of the rose - no need to make a clear circle, it should have some rounded edges. Using the 2 accent polishes take a small brush and create small semi-circle lines - again, no need to be precise at all. Using the nail art brush and green polish create little triangles on the edges for leaves. Let dry fully and finish with a top coat! 

Manicure Monday - Red Rose Nail Art!

I was trying to make my base polish more neutral, but I like how this light peach accents the red roses! What kind of fun nail art do you have planned for the holiday? Or, any suggestions for me to do next week?


  1. I love them! I have yet to do roses, and I'm not doing any nail art for Valentine's Day this year cause I just don't have time for it. :-(

    1. I know the feeling - I didn't have the time for this until my son's basketball practice got cancelled!