Monday, September 5, 2016

Manicure Monday - Octopus Nail Art + Monthly Pedicure - Fall Toes!

Happy Mani Monday - I have been a little nervous to do Octopus nail art, but having been wanting to do this for so long!! 
Manicure Monday - Octopus Nail Art

I will say that I LOVE how the octopuses turned out! I'm so excited for these! 

I actually went to a salon and got a Manicure today - I chose China Glaze "Highlight of My Summer" as it is a beautiful mint green!

When I got home from the salon, I chose some acrylic paints to do the art with. I usually do my nail art with nail polish, but for something so intricate acrylic paint dries faster and is a little easier to work with! I used black, purple, silver and green (for the eyes!) And, I finished the art with Formula X top coat.

Here is another look:
Manicure Monday - Octopus Nail Art

I'm really loving how these Octopus's turned out!!! 

Also, it is the first Monday of the month, so it is time for my Monthly Pedicure too! I cheated this month and treated myself to a Pedicure today too! 
OPI Get Cherried Away

I chose a nice transition colour for Fall - OPI "Get Cherried Away"! I love this shade so much! It is perfect for bringing me from Summer to Fall for September! 

I know this might be a little boring, but I was in serious need of a Mani/Pedi! Hope you guys got to treat yourself this weekend too! 


  1. Your octopus turned out great! The mint green is a perfect background and really makes the design pop.