Friday, September 9, 2016

Five on Friday - September 8, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a great week! I had the busiest work week that I have had in months - I was just swamped and had no time to myself! So I apologize that it has been a little quiet around here this week! 

I assume you noticed there was no Mask Wednesday this week, as I was really busy and my son started basketball too! I'm hoping things quiet down a bit! 


Alright, I know that I was going to be on a low buy this month, but there was a couple of masks I have been really wanting to try! I put in a small order from Chuusi - this is a Canadian company focusing on Korean and Taiwanese brands! I have been waiting to try Maskingdom and L'Herboflore masks! 
I'm so excited for all of these - you can look forward to reviews soon! 

Have you guys checked out my Books page lately! I just finished a couple of books recently and have reviewed them there! The latest book I finished is a must-read thriller - I really enjoyed it!


We had a pretty quiet long weekend - it was a really busy Summer, so the long weekend was all for organizing the house and getting back to a routine. We did however, take some time and have a family day at the zoo! 

It is easily one of our favorite places to go in Calgary and we really enjoy seeing all the animals! There was even a new baby gorilla and a baby penguin! 

Did you guys watch the finale of Bachelor in Paradise?! It is such a dramarific Summer show, but 3 engagements at the end of it! Yikes! Was I the only one who disliked all the couples?! 


Did you guys catch my Manicure Monday post this week? I'm in LOVE with how this octopus nail art turned out! I hope you love them as much as I do! They are some of my favs in a while! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend - it is the start of the Calgary Corporate Challenge this weekend so I will be busy attending a lot of events such as truck pull and mini golf this weekend! 

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