Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wine and Mask Wednesday (Bodacious Smooth White + Holika Holika Ampoule Mask Sheet)

Happy Wine and Mask Wednesday! And, finally some WINE!!!! This week's theme is tropical! 

Here is my Mask of the Week:
Holika Holika - Ampoule Mask Sheet From Nature (Vitamin + Pineapple)

Holika Holika - Ampoule Mask Sheet From Nature (Vitamin + Pineapple) ~ $5.18 (5 for $25.90). Pineapple Extract and Vitamin C derivatives deliver healthy energy of nature to the skin. So it makes the skin sleek and soft.

I received this mask in a past Beauteque Mask Maven subscription! I love the idea of the vitamin boost ampoule mask - my skin is not great so it is in need of that intensive recharging and vitalizing! 
Holika Holika - Ampoule Mask Sheet From Nature (Vitamin + Pineapple)

This sheet applies like all other sheet masks - wash face, tone skin, apply mask, leave on for 20-30 minutes, remove mask, pat remaining essence in to skin, and complete skin care routine. 
Holika Holika - Ampoule Mask Sheet From Nature (Vitamin + Pineapple)

This mask applies really well and feels super smooth on the skin! It was quite soaked in essence and lasted for over 45 minutes on my face (trust me, I needed it!) This made my skin feel really great and was I really happy with the results! 

Now, here is the tropical wine I paired this mask with:
bodacious smooth white wine

Bodacious Smooth White Wine ~ $8.99. Rich, crisp, fruit-forward bold with aromas of tropical fruit, citrus and peach. Carefully crafted from fully-matured grapes harvested at the peak of ripeness from a blend of sauvignon blanc and moscato. 

This is a Canadian wine and I am always excited to find inexpensive wines that sound good! I love how bold the name and the label of this wine are! 

bodacious smooth white wine

I was excited to try this because I was excited of the sound of the blend - I love moscato; but, can find it too sweet sometime, so I like that this is toned down with a sauv blanc. 

bodacious smooth white wine

This is a very yellow hued wine - delicious too! I really enjoy the blend of  this wine! It was sweet but had a sharp note so it wasn't too sweet at all! Really delicious and inexpensive, which makes it a great sipping wine! 

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