Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Summerhill Pinot Gris + My Beauty Diary 2 Step Africa Hydrating Pack)

Look at me getting my feature posts done on time here!! Time for another Wine + Mask Wednesday - my theme for this week is "tree fruit"! 

Here is a look at my Wine of the Week:

Hillside Un-Oaked Pinot Gris ~ $19.12. This Pinot Gris shines with fresh fruit! Fragrances of white peach, melon and green apple are followed by a bright core of tree-fruit flavours. Fresh, crisp, clean and fun. 

Hillside is a winery in Naramata, B.C. - my cousin is actually the manager of the kitchen there! This winery is awesome and is in such a beautiful location - if you are ever in the area, this is a must for a wine tasting and lunch! 

This wine is a very interesting color; Hillside describes this color from: "the warm 2013 growing season created intensely ripe fruit, and overnight skin contact before draining and pressing gave the juice of this red-skinned grape a lovely peach hue, while adding flavour and body to the mid-palate."

Here is a look:

I love the color is this wine and it is yummy! There is a lot of differences between and oaked and an un-oaked wine, but I have to say I like it all (can you tell I love wine?!). This wine is good - I actually prefer it is a dinner wine than just a sipping wine! Definitely worth pairing with your next chicken dinner! 

Now, my "tree fruit" mask is:
My Beauty Diary 2-Step Africa Hydrating Pack ~ $2.36 (pack of 8 for $18.90). Two-step hydrating treatment replenishes lost moisture and then seals it in for prolonged softness and suppleness with renewed vitality. First step is to wear the moisturizing mango mask on clean and dry face, leaving it on for 20-30 minutes to allow skin to fully absorb the concentrated beauty essence. After removing mask, pat in remaining essence and then massage the emulsion to lock in moisture for round the clock comfort.

This is an interesting 2 step mask, because usually the first step comes as an essence or ampoule to apply before the mask. With this 2 step mask, the first step is the mask and the second step is an emulsion to apply after. 

Here is how I used this mask: cleanse face, tone skin, apply step 1 sheet mask, leave on for 20-30 minutes, remove mask and pat remaining essence in to skin, apply step 2 emulsion to skin, finish with moisturizer/night cream. 

Here is a look at Step 1 and Step 2:

What I liked about this sheet mask is that it comes with an overlay on the mask that makes it really easy to unfold and apply! I find that My Beauty Diary masks fit generally fit my face really big - this one actually isn't as big as some of the other My Beauty Diary masks I have worn. This mask was soaked in essence and after 30 minutes, there was still lots essence left to pat in! I liked the emulsion as well, but it smells a little musky. Overall, I was happy with this mask and I have a second one to use so I am happy to use this again!

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