Sunday, October 18, 2015

Skincare Sunday - Product Review "Me Thyme" Body Scrub and Body Butter

"Me Thyme" is a company focused on providing women with all natural products - their mission statement is:
"To encourage women to take time for ourselves, affecting change in our lives. Women are caregivers and nurturers by nature. Having a Me Thyme Experience empowers us to continue to do what we do naturally. It refreshes, rejuvenates and revives our body, mind and spirit."

The products contain NO: parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, sulfates or petroleum. They are vegan-friendly and do not test on animals - they also promise the highest quality ingredients that are gentle enough to use on baby skin.

I love the motto and what Me Thyme stands for - I was happy to try their products in exchange for my honest opinion. Me Thyme sent me 2 products to sample in "Vanilla":

Sugar Scrub in "Vanilla" ~ 2 oz. for $10 and 8 oz. for $20. Our Sugar Scrubs, slough away dead skin cells – allowing your skin to soak in the nutrients of Me Thyme’s Body Butter and Lotion. Your skin will feel smooth and soft – simply radiant.

This is a nice sugar scrub that comes with a subtle vanilla scent. This is an easy product to use - you simply apply and scrub in to skin. The smell was good and the scrub was very exfoliating. I like sugar scrubs as they are gentle on the skin and work well! This is great! 

Shea Body Butter in "Vanilla" ~ 2 oz for $14 and 8 oz for $34. Our Body Butters contain 20% Shea Butter and is blended with Olive Oil and Vitamin E and other moisturizers to soothe and soften the skin. Shea Butter is also known to protect against sun damage and photo aging. Your skin will be radiant and soft.

I love nothing more than a whipped smooth body butter and that is exactly what this is. It goes on nice and thick and takes a minute to full absorb in to the skin. It does not leave an oily finish, just a very moisturized feeling and a nice light vanilla scent. I really enjoyed this body butter!! 

I really liked the products that I tried and really loved that body butter! I love that all the Me Thyme products are all natural and a vegan friendly! I was very happy with what I tried and would definitely recommend the products - I am going to get some more of the body butter for myself!  

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  1. Great review! I will check their website out. Very catchy product name, too! :)