Friday, October 23, 2015

Five on Friday - October 23, 2015

Hope everyone has had a good week, mine has been a little bit rough this week but still good! I was hoping to get more blog posts up this week as I am STILL playing catch-up from the honeymoon! 

First order of business this week - my husband went for knee surgery yesterday and I will taking care of him for quite some time!! He can barely move around the house right now, he can't drive for 4 weeks, and likely will not be back to work for 6 months!! I am hoping a smooth recovery for him, but for now I am his home nurse! 

I LOVE getting swaps in the mail! Here are some goodies I got recently:

I swapped for the Langeige, Sisley mask and Purlisse serum - the shampoo was a little extra from one of the ladies I swapped with!! I am excited to try all 3 of these products! 

Since all the busyness of the wedding and honeymoon are over now, I have been making an effort to get back to something I love and just have not had the time to do for - digital scrapbooking!!! I love to digi-scrap and have been trying to at least give myself an hour or two every week to get caught up and I am so happy I have done it for myself! 

What's in my warmer?

Mmmm - Fried Ice Cream!! I don't even know how to describe this but it smells like baking and it so warm and sweet - it is perfect for Fall! 

Eeek - look what I ordered for myself!!! 

Business Cards!!!! Eeeek!!! So I bought these because I was planning on going to a wellness conference and I thought that I would do some networking. Sadly, that specific event got cancelled but I still think these are great to have! Plus they were 50% off so I got tons for only $10! 

Hope everyone had a great week!!! 


  1. The sisley mask is so expensive full size! I loved the smell of it and found it really moisturizing, I made sure to cut open my tube to get all the extra since its so high end!