Friday, October 10, 2014

September 2014 My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co Box #MSA01 - Review and Unboxing

Quarterly Co. features quarterly subscription boxes curated by celebrities and personalities you love. The subscriptions range from fashion to food to books and include packages curated by people from Bill Nye to Pharrel Williams to Rosario Dawson, etc. Most packages are $50 but a couple are $100 plus shipping (shipping to Canada is a little hefty on this site - $10-$20 per package so make sure you are signing up for one you really want!).

I was so excited when Liz from My Subscription Addiction announced that she was a new curator for Quarterly Co - I signed up immediately. I thought she would make a great box - this is what she does all the time, so she knows that a box should have value and good products inside! She also is very ingredient conscious so everything will be natural! 

This Box was $50 (plus $20 shipping to Canada) - so with the exchange rate I paid $73.37. Quarterly uses USPS to ship and I find they were super slow (especially last month) so this box shipped on September 19 and I received it yesterday (October 9). The wait is fine except I had to see everyone else posting pictures and I really tried to keep this box a surprise!! 

Here is the first look at My Subscription Addiction #MSA01 Box:
Looks like a good mix of products - here is a closer look at everything inside!

One of my favorite things about Quarterly is that they really try and focus on the curation of the boxes - each box comes with a letter explaining each item and why it was selected for the box! The theme of this box is "Fall Favorites".

Simonetta Infinity Knit Scarf ~ $25. This scarf was picked for it's perfect length & it's super soft. This came in 4 colors all with a herringbone print. I got the black/dark grey - I love this scarf! It is so soft - here is a look at it on:

I agree that it is the perfect length - I love this! I think I should be saving it for a gift for a friend but I'm keeping it! (And they are only $20 on Amazon right now so I can grab some for the girls too!). I love finding a great wardrobe staple and having it be a great price!! 

Raw Naturals Candle in Chai Latte ~ $24. This candle is all natural and uses soy wax. It has a wooden wick which apparently gives it a nice crackle as it is burning. While I would never spend $24 on a candle - this does smell really nice! Great for fall - it just has that "cozy" smell to it. 

Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder ~ $65. I was actually not sure what this item was at first - and it turns out it is a powdered cleanser. Just mix with water and apply to skin - said to be cleansing and exfoliating without drying skin. I love this description with the product: when brewing their fabled drink, Japan's sake masters, the Toji, constantly immerse their hands in Rice Bran, only to have them emerge fresh, pure, ageless. Geisha noticed this and they still include Rice Bran among their beauty secrets today. I love receiving luxurious products and am quite excited to try this!

Fig + Yarrow Cardamom and Coffee Body Scrub ~ $22 travel size. Made with all natural and organic ingredients (right down to the fair trade coffee). I love a good body scrub and this scent may actually help wake me up in the morning - like a strong cup of coffee! 

Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in "Fig" ~ $15. This is one of Liz's favorite subscription box discoveries - and I can see why. Has the right amount of shimmer & gloss and is so smooth and soft! Not even slightly sticky - it is very nice (and it even smells really good - I made my fiance smell my lips!). This was also sent out in 4 color variations. Here is what "Fig" looks like on:

I like it neutral with a hint of orangey brown!

This box also came with a few coupons - the best one being 75% of your first order at Just Fab. Sadly for me - this coupon is only valid in the US. So I tried on the Canadian site and it just so happened that yesterday was having 75% off your first order - so even though I couldn't technically use this coupon I still got the discount (A pair of boots for $18 including shipping - yes please!). That being said this coupon code is still valid for 1 person who is interested - be quick, it expires Oct. 15. 
There is also 2 coupon codes for 20% at and a free item with purchase at

Overall, I received 5 items valued at $141.00 (double what I paid including shipping!) - also if you use the JustFab coupon it is worth $30. I loved the variety of items received and they are all natural products! All will be used happily in this box! (Sadly, I was "planning" on starting to use these boxes as items for Christmas gifts - and I turned greedy and am going to keep everything for myself!) 

Did you sign up for #MSA01? What did you think of the items? 


  1. Just so you know, your future sister in law would be veeeery happy to receive a scarf like that for Christmas...