Wednesday, October 8, 2014

September 2014 Beauty Box Comparison - Ipsy vs. Topbox vs. Beauty Box 5

Here is a chart comparing the September 2014 Beauty Boxes:

Ipsy ~ Ipsy had a good value; however, overall I wasn't thrilled with the products I received. The lip-gloss formula was great but the color wasn't and the moisturizer is not for my skin type. I will use 3 of the products so it wasn't all a miss, just Ipsy can do better!

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Beauty Box 5 ~ Beauty Box 5 was slightly disappointing this month. The shipping was very slow and the product value was slightly lacking for me. 1 of the products had $0 value, 1 was a set of toe separators, and 1 was a no name nail polish. I will use all 5 items I received, just in terms of products selection I feel like they could do a bit better. Not my favorite box.

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TopBox ~ Topbox had a great value this month and a good selection of skin care, nails and hair products. I will use all the products I received - my only comment is that I would like to see a little bit more makeup products from TopBox. Overall, Topbox was my favorite of all 3 inexpensive beauty boxes that ship to Canada this month!

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I like the idea of comparing these 3 boxes - I think it can be helpful for mew people looking for a box to sign up for. I think everyone wants to make sure they get products they like with a good value. For me, I like to make sure that I carry on with subscriptions that I am happy with! 1 month is often not enough to select a box to try, so check out my past months box comparison posts here!

What was your favorite box for September?


  1. Great comparison. Looks like TopBox is the best

  2. I've heard Topbox is good. I wish we could get it in the US!!

    1. I feel that way about so many boxes in the U.S. - there is so many more there than in Canada!!! I do really like it - maybe one day they will expand!