Friday, May 21, 2021

Five on Friday - May 21, 2021 ~ Fable & Namesake Book Reviews, Spring Blooms, Tea Dragons, and David's Tea and Book Outlet Hauls

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a good week - pretty normal week over here, but good because I did bring my older son in for his vaccine this week and I'm so glad that all of us eligible here have our first vaccines! 


fable and namesake adrienne young
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Alright, can I first say that I cannot get over how gorgeous these books are - they are the most stunning pair I've ever seen. Seriously, so gorgeous! Now, Fable and Namesake are a YA Fantasy Adventure duology by Adrienne Young. Fable came out in September 2020 and Namesake just came out in March 2021. This is a young adult, but I find it reads like a new adult or a little older, especially the second book!  

In Fable we start out on the island of Jeval, where Fable was abandoned 4 years previous by her Father, following a storm that killed her mother - Fable has survived by dredging, where she dives in the ocean for coins/jewels/things to trade. She is motivated as her Father told her if she gets off the island, she can claim "what is rightfully hers". She makes a deal to get off the island and is thrown in to the rag-tag crew of the Marigold, who are not happy to have her on the ship. The islands are a very cutthroat world where it's every man or woman for themselves and showing attachment to other people is a weakness. It's all set in the sea, so it feels quite pirate-y and the setting is fantastic, because it adds this element of adventure and danger to everything that happens! I love the found family and romance in this story and this left us with a huge cliffhanger, so I had to dive in to the second book right away. I really enjoyed Fable and rated it 4/5 stars. 

Without spoiling too much, Namesake starts takes off right from the cliffhanger and is pretty action packed from start to finish, with a lot going on - unlike Fable, there is no introduction to the setting, characters, or terminology, it's go go go. This focuses more on Fable's gifts and being a gem sage, so she can hear specific gems and this really dives in to the world of trading between each group of islands in this world. Fable is thrown right in to the middle of it, and I enjoyed how she maneuvered through everything. Again, I love the love story and the exploration of what you would do for those you love. I gave this a 4.5/5 stars. I really enjoyed this whole duology! 


In Calgary, the rule is to never plant your garden until May long weekend (we are still expecting snow and frost later this week), but my perennials usually start coming up around this time and it's my favourite - my daffodils are always the first thing that comes up and I love to see everything start blooming! 


Okay, I've been buying random shit during quarantine, so let's add this adorable Tea Dragon stuffie to the pile - but seriously, if you haven't read The Tea Dragon Society books, they are absolutely dreamy. I love Rooibos and it's my favourite Tea Dragon and I love this. Also, I picked up the card game from Oni Press as well! Love them! 


Speaking of tea, I placed an order from David's Tea - I picked up some Lavender Buttercream which I love, and I picked up a couple summer teas Mango Fruit Punch and Raspberry Mojito. Then, I picked up these colour changing tumblers and they are the cutest! I love them! 


And, because my life is basically about buying random shit now, look I bought new books! I can't resist Bookout sometimes, because books are just such a good price! If you are interested in placing a Bookout order, you can save $10 off your first purchase using this code:

I hope you all have a great long weekend! 

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