Monday, November 11, 2019

Manicure Monday - Spiced Fall Nails

I never remember that we are still technically in "Fall" in November - we've had so many snowstorms already in Calgary (I saw this as we got a big amount this weekend), but I'm trying to remember that it's still technically Fall, so I'm feeling all the spicy vibes. 

Manicure Monday - Spiced Fall Nails
I purchased all these polishes

For the month of November for #CBBxManiMonday we are featuring deeper, darker polishes for a vampy "Emo-November" theme. 

I went more with a spicy, deeper theme for this week's manicure with the Spiced Orange polish from Maniology! (I know it doesn't scream super dark, but work with me - spicy, vampy - it's all in the same wheel house)! 

Manicure Monday - Spiced Fall Nails

For this week's Manicure I used:
-Maniology Spiced Orange Stamping Polish
-Essie in Gorge-ous Geodes 
-Lip Smacker Smackers polish in Skellington

I received this Maniology polish in a Mani x Me subscription box last year and I haven't tried this! Since, I really loved the Maniology polish I tried last month, I was really excited to try this one too and it's lovely! Plus, this Essie Gorge-ous Geode polish is stunning and I just want to use it all the time! And, I added some black accents to make it darker! 

Manicure Monday - Spiced Fall Nails

For this week's Manicure, I started with a nail cleanser and base coat! Then I applied one coat of Spiced Orange polish as the base, then I applied the Gorge-ous Geode polish to the top half of the nails. Then I dotted black polish in the middle of the two colours - then I added small dots of the opposite colours beside the black dots! 

Manicure Monday - Spiced Fall Nails

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