Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Halloween Look - Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones

Early this year when Game of Thrones sadly came to an end, we went to a costume party and I dressed up as my favourite character - Lady Stoneheart! 

Halloween Look - Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones
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For those of you that are only TV show lovers and didn't quite get in to the book series (that is ginormous and still unfinished), then you would have sadly missed out on one of the best characters in the series! I truly think she should have been in the T.V. series as she was pretty bad-ass and I was sad when they didn't put her in at all! 

Halloween Look - Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones

So, if you don't know Lady Stoneheart - I will forgive you and catch you up! We are going back to Season 3 and the 3rd book - we all remember The Red Wedding, where the Starks were murdered along with their bannermen by the Freys and Boltons, that was masterminded by the Lannisters.

During the Red Wedding, Catelyn Stark witnesses her firstborn son, Robb Stark murdered, she screams as she descends in to despair and madness, she scratches her nails down her face and she is grabbed by a Frey and has her throat slit. After the massacre, Catelyn's body is thrown in the river. After being in the river for 3 days, Arya's Direwolf Nymeria pulls Catelyn's body from the river and is discovered by the Brotherhood without Banners and she is resurrected by Beric Dondarrion, who gives his life for hers, through the Lord of Light. 

Halloween Look - Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones

Instead of being the kind, empathetic person she was prior to death, Catelyn is a venngeful person - hanging any person associated with the Boltons, Freys or Lannisters. She assumes leadership of the Brotherhood without Banners and becomes known as Lady Stoneheart. 

She is described as having skin that is soft and the colour of curdled milk from being in the river for 3 days and while half of her hair is gone, the other half is white and brittle. Her wounds are not healed so her face has scratch marks and her neck is cut open - to speak, she must cover the wound on her neck. She wears a cloak and hood that covers her neck wounds as she travels with the Brotherhood. 

Halloween Look - Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones

The makeup products I used for this look are:

-Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Foundation in Soft Ivory 
-ColourPop No Filter Matte Concealer in Light 14 
-creamy white solid face makeup (unsure the brand but mixed with water to use)
-Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder
-Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Queen's Land
-Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color in "RD103 Petal"
-Morphe Continuous Setting Mist
-Burt's Bees Wild Cherry Lipbalm 

-Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Primer
-Urban Decay Game of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette
-Too Faced Tickled Peach Eyeshadow Palette
-Almay Velvet Foil Cream Shadow in Paradise Found
-Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Smoky Storm
-Doucce Fierce & Fine Graphic Pen in Black 
-Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara
-Benefit Cosmetics Precisely, My Brow Pencil in 4

I purposefully had to use the Game of Thrones eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay and the Wet n Wild bronzer was also from the Fire Dragon vs. Ice Dragon collection! 

Halloween Look - Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones

And the extra Halloween products I used for this look are:
-leg wound prosthetic (used a few times prior - so old crusty blood is good for the dead look)
-Rubie's Spirit Gum Adhesive
-Liquid Latex 
-Scratch Wound Temporary Tattoo Sticker 
-White Hair Color Spray

So, I used an old leg wound because I don't like throwing things out, but this is the 3rd use for this so I think they look better and better the more they are used! And, this was my first time trying temporary tattoo wounds! 

Halloween Look - Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones

And, the products I used for the costume are:
-Short Sleeve Casual Maxi dress 
-Full Length Crushed Velvet Hooded Cape
-House Stark Patch 

I kept the costuming really simple - a long dress and long hooded cape. The Stark patch isn't necessary, but I thought it added a little bit too it, so people had an idea who I was even if they weren't totally familiar with the character! 

Halloween Look - Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones

For the face makeup, I started with a typical foundation and concealer base. Then, I dabbed on the water mixed face paint - I purposefully dabbed it on a little messily with a sponge so it looked like my skin was left is water for 3 days! I set it with the Innisfree powder and added only a little bit of highlighter and blush - only a little since I did need to look risen from the dead. 

For the neck wound, I applied the prosthetic to my neck using the spirit gum. Once it's applied, I use the liquid latex to help blend it in to my skin. I didn't need to add any extra blood or gore to the prosthetic because it was cleaned out from being in the water for 3 days. Then, I used a sponge and the face paint and dabbed it around the wound to help blend it in. 

Halloween Look - Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones

This was my first time using a Halloween temporary tattoo product, but I really wanted to try them as I thought it was easier for the nails raked down the face look. These were as easy as any regular temporary tattoo to apply - just dab water on the back, making sure to cover all the edges and corners and remove backing gently. 

Halloween Look - Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones

I knew my cloak was green, so I did a pretty basic smoky eye with a deep green. I used the Tickled Peach palette for the transition shades, then used primarily Winter is Here and The Sight from the Game of Thrones palette. Then I applied the Almay cream shadow all over the lids, with the Stila glitter all over the top and to finish, I applied King's Landing in to the inner corner. I finished off with typical liner, mascara and brows. 

Halloween Look - Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones

And, to finish the looks, I just applied a simple lip balm and locked everything in with a setting spray. Then I added some white hair spray to my hair and pinned my cloak up. Don't forget to complete the look, keep your resting bitch face on and if you talk, hold your hand over the neck wound! 

Halloween Look - Lady Stoneheart from Game of Thrones

I had a lot of fun doing this makeup look and it was fairly simple - I really liked using the tattoo wounds, and they washed off easily after. Also, while Catelyn was often given a simple look, I needed to a little more glam being brought back from the dead, so I did add a bit of a deep, glittery eye to the look. Overall, I loved being Lady Stoneheart! 


  1. This is absolutely incredible. I can even tell the way you did the face makeup to make yourself look like you'd been in water for days. GENIUS!
    I think I only read books 1 and 2 (although I watched the whole series), and wow - I had no idea about the real fate of her character. That would've been incredible to include on the show.
    Those tattoo wounds are INCREDIBLE! I can't believe how realistic they look!

    1. Thank you so much Chelle!!! I so wish they included Lady Stoneheart in the show - blast them trying to condense everything, I was really bummed when I didn't see her! And yes, the tattoos are so easy to use and I loved how they looked!