Tuesday, September 24, 2019

End of Summer Project Pan Wrap-up!

I've been watching project pans for years and it's not something I've really gotten in to until recently! This past year I've been making a real conscious effort to use and enjoy the products in my collection, including Shop My Stash posts and Monthly Makeup Baskets, so this is just another way to use the products that I already own! 

End of Summer Project Pan Wrap-up!
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I thought for my first endeavour in to Project Panning that I would keep it easy and simple - use 4 products in the Summer months! I picked a variety of makeup products and set up a couple of different goals over the months! 

If you're interested in seeing the start of the project, you can check out my initial post here! And you can see my first check-in and second check-in here! Basically, I set a goal to hit pan on the 2 powder products - the Too Faced bronzer and Essence blush, and I managed to meet my goal and surpass it on one of these! My goal on the Estee Lauder primer and Lancome Juicy Shaker was to finish them - again I met one of these goals. Since this was my first Project Pan, I'm not super disappointed with not meeting all the goals - I'm still figuring it out! 

End of Summer Project Pan Wrap-up!

End of Summer Project Pan Wrap-up!

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer in Medium/Deep ~ travel size shown here ($40.00 CAN full size). A long-wearing, rich, matte bronzer infused with 100 percent real cocoa powder.

I picked this bronzer because I've had it for years and really used it on and I've had this bronzer for years and it's basically been the only bronzer that I've used in my makeup looks over the years. But, this is getting old in my collection so it's time to get it used up! 

I hit pan on this last month and made significant progress during this past month! It felt so good to hit pan and reach my goal on this! I'm going to keep working on using this up and hopefully it's done soon! 

End of Summer Project Pan Wrap-up!
End of Summer Project Pan Wrap-up!

Essence Cosmetics Silky Touch Blush in #20 Babydoll ~ $2.99. Soft as silk! The Silky Touch Blush has an ultra silky texture that blends evenly and easily. Add a touch of natural freshness and radiance to your complexion.

Alright, this is a beautiful blush, but I knew it was getting old when I noticed it was featured in my November 2016 Monthly Favourites - I thought for sure I would hit pan on this. You can certainly see some wear on the design of blush, but I've been using it as much as possible. The formula is still hanging in there for now, but I'm not sure how much longer it will last for! 

Lancome Juicy Shaker Lip Gloss in Boom Meringue ~ $29.00 CAN. Shake It, Twist It, Love It. Colours that turn you on!

So my goal on this product was to use it up; but, I did think that was a pretty big stretch because this was basically full when I started! I do think the progress I made on this was pretty good and I used this as much as I could! This was a little leaky so it didn't travel well and I couldn't bring anywhere I went this Summer, which made it hard to use all the time and I would have week long gaps where I wasn't using it. This was a fine product - it looked pretty, but doesn't last long. 

End of Summer Project Pan Wrap-up!

Estee Lauder The Smoother Universal Perfecting Primer ~ $50.00 CAN. Prep your skin for the ultimate makeup application. Infused with skin-softening apricot essence, this lightweight primer optically perfects skin, diffusing the look of pores and imperfections. Leaves skin with a smooth, even texture.

This is another product that I feel like I've loved forever - it made my Best of Beauty 2017, so it's been around for a couple of years now! I thought I would have no problem using this up, but during the Summer I was using a little bit less of this so I could use an SPF based primer. But, I stepped it up and finished this product one day before this project wrapped up! Woo hoo! I'm all done this!

End of Summer Project Pan Wrap-up!

So, I really enjoyed my first foray in the Project Pan world and I want to keep it up! I've been compiling a list and think I'm going to do a 20 in 2020 Project for all of next year trying to use and pan 20 different products?! Want to join in???


  1. Great job on these! There seems to be a tiny bit of pan on the blush, or is that just light angle? I go on and off with wearing makeup so it would be hard for me to do a project pan. I'm in an "on" phase right now, lol! And I do always use the same products because I just don't have time to play with makeup in the morning.

    1. Ugh, just a little bit of hard pan! I like doing a project pan because I use the same products in the morning too, so I get lots of use out of them!