Friday, May 27, 2016

Five on Friday - May 27, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! I love work weeks after a long weekend - they always go by nice and quick! I have to apologize for not being around much this week with posts - I had a super busy long weekend and a little bit of health concerns I had to take care of this week (I'm all good now!) So next week I will have a ton of makeup to review for you! 

So last weekend the weather was quite terrible for the May Long Weekend (as usual here in Alberta we saw snow...) I took advantage of the not so great weather and did a huge house clean (we are talking 10 hour days for 3 days - every single thing got cleaned in this house!

This is my "sell pile" and here is my donation pile! 

I managed to get 2 huge piles - 1 for donations and 1 for auctions! (Do you guys like auction sites? I have a group through facebook that is great!)

anxiety aids subscription sticker planner

anxiety aids subscription sticker planner

anxiety aids subscription sticker planner

I just received my June Anxiety Aids sticker subscription!!! Woo hoo - you guys should know how much I love pretty planners and how much I love Anxiety Aids! This store is run by a fellow Calgarian (also a Renee) which is awesome! 

This month has my favorite stickers ever!!! Look at the one's that says "look at all the fucks I give" - this is seriously my whole personality all in a single sticker! Also there is a good mix of practical and fun stickers - I love that this company isn't afraid to make some fun, weird, and a little risky stickers! The game night, flowers, cat emojis will get used immediately and the rest are great too! 

Do you guys use If you don't you should! I know it sounds kin of scammy but it's actually a great business model and you honestly just get cash back for shopping online as you normally would! So when you shop, you go to a website and use their link and get a certain percentage back to your ebates account (think 1% - 10% of every order). 

Once a quarter they send you a check in the mail! Simple, there is no catch. They use affiliate codes so they make money from you shopping and then give you back a certain amount of each sale! I just got my quarterly cheque this week!!! 

This week has been absolutely crazy for makeup launches!!! Oh man, my bank account and husband are not going to be happy with me! (Hopefully I can sneak a little bit in to the house without him noticing...)

So yesterday Becca released their Champagne Glow collection with Jaclyn Hill - this has expanded from here Champagne Pop highlighter she created with them last year. A couple of the items are permanent, but 2 were very limited edition:

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I was able to get an early release of the Champagne Glow Face palette last week and just got it in the mail - it is gorgeous! Hopefully if you were interested in it you got one yesterday because it is sold out now! Also limited edition (and still available) is the Eyeshadow palette - these colours looks amazing! I thought I was going to be able to resist, but it looked so good and there was a great coupon code add on (plus 8% cash back on ebates) that I had to get it! Whoops!

Also, yesterday the 26th, Colourpop Cosmetics celebrated their 2nd Birthday - they celebrated with a limited edition freebie for everyone that made an order yesterday! It is called Birthday Boy! 

It looks so gorgeous, I pretty much had to pick up a couple more eyeshadows to get it! (it might still be available this morning if there is stock left! There was a lineup on the website yesterday but not right now! 

And, lastly BHcosmetics has been hinting at this collaboration for quite a while - Illuminate with Ashley Tisdale! 

These palettes look gorgeous and there is also cream blushes and lipglosses in the collection. The best part about bhcosmetics is that they are really reasonably priced - these palettes are only $18! I'm actually going to resist them right now but I will be picking them up later! 

I think the quality is great, especially for the price! 


This week the new season of the Bachelorette started! What do you guys think of this season? I love Jojo as the Bachelorette I think she was a great choice - she handled so many awkward situations so well and really seems like a good fit! I'm going to withhold my opinions on the guys for now because no one really jumped out at me for the first episode! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!!! 

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