Sunday, May 1, 2016

Skincare Sunday Product Review - The Face Shop Character Mask "Pig Moisturizing"

Skincare Sunday - I am reviewing another fun character mask (you know I love how weird and crazy they are!)

The Face Shop Character Mask "Pig Moisturizing"

The Face Shop Character Mask - Pig "Moisturizing" ~ $4.00. This moisture radiance character mask provides deep moisture and radiance deep into the skin with honey rich in vitamins and minerals. Dermatologist Tested & Formula without 6 additives (Sulfate, Talc, Mineral oil, Quarternium, Polyacrylamide, Paraffin).

A pig?! Seriously, how adorable is this little pink piggie?! Hopefully it isn't terrifying when I where it! 

The Face Shop Character Mask "Pig Moisturizing"

This mask applies like all other face masks - wash face, tone skin, apply mask, leave on for 10-15 minutes, remove mask, pat remaining essence in to skin, and complete skincare routine. 

Here is a look at the pig mask on:
The Face Shop Character Mask "Pig Moisturizing"

Alright, this is on the scary of the character masks - my husband was sure it was a devil mask and not a pig! It is super pink and you can tell it's a pig by the nose! This mask has a good amount of essence and fits well on the face. It lasts for about 20 minutes - I did think this mask was moisturizing and my skin feels great after using it! 

Have you tried any character masks from TheFaceShop?


  1. LOL this mask is adorable! I've noticed you use a lot of Korean products. Have you tried Japanese ones, like Shiseido? I'm interested to try their new foundation

    1. haha thanks! I actually haven't tried a whole lot of Japanese products - only sunscreens! I have heard great things about that brand!