Monday, March 23, 2015

Manicure Monday - Rainbow Honey "Rosey Bot" polish

Time for another Manicure Monday - this week I'm thinking Coral nails appear to be the color of the week so I am going to jump on the bandwagon! 

Here are the products I used for this week's Manicure:

-Rainbow Honey "Rosey Bot"
-OPI Top Coat 
-Formula X Nail Cleanser and Base Coat
This week, I decided not to do any art - this Rainbow Honey polish is really pretty and is super micro-glittery!! It doesn't need anything else to go with it! 

So my steps were very easy:
1. Nail cleanser and base coat
2. 2 coats of polish
3. Let dry well and top coat! 

This picture makes it look a little extra orange - it is definately a pink-orange! And the glitter - amazing! Again, hard to tell in this picture but you can see it in the first picture above! 

Sorry, nothing crazy today - I'm loving this too much by itself! 

How was your Manicure Monday?

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